Discovery takes a team of colleagues working together towards a common goal. The personnel in the Office of Nursing Research provide facilitation to investigators that includes: profiling funding opportunities, research career counselling, pre-award, proposal development, institutional review board (IRB) support, mock proposal reviews, collaborative think tanks, internal seed money access, and more.

Services offered by ONR include:

  • Proposal Planning
  • Mock Reviews
  • Faculty Mentoring
  • Finding Collaborators
  • IRB (Human Subjects) Reviews and Consultations
  • Statistical Consulting
  • Research Dialogues Meetings
  • Cutting Edge Seminars
  • Digital Health Interest Group
  • Formatting of Posters and Presentations
  • Formatting of Papers and Endnote Libraries
  • Research Newsletter
  • Assistance with Press Releases
  • Emmons Awards for Pilot Research

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