60 Years of Building Better Futures

Established in 1957, the University of Arizona College of Nursing has been transforming nursing education, research and practice to help people live their best lives for 60 years. Consistently ranked among the best programs in the nation, we are strengthening health care’s largest workforce and the public’s most trusted profession through its undergraduate and graduate programs, offered online and on-campus. Located in Tucson, Ariz., the birthplace of integrative medicine, the UA College of Nursing is home to the world’s only Integrative Nursing Faculty Fellowship. With key focal strengths in integrative health, cancer prevention and survivorship, and nursing informatics, the college has more than 6,000 alumni worldwide promoting health and wellness in their workplaces and communities.


Our Strengths

Integrative Health

We promote a healing-oriented, whole-person approach to health care. Conditions are clinically treated through a variety of methods, including wellness, lifestyle enhancement, nutrition, and appropriate biomedical therapies.

Cancer Prevention & Survivorship

We work to magnifying the role of integrative nursing and wellness for dealing with cancer. Innovative nursing practice for delivering supportive care for people living with cancer is one of our highest priorities.

Informatics, Systems & Technology

Rooted in our College’s tradition of research, theory and intellectual rigor, we focus on preparing students to be future innovators in today’s rapidly changing and information-intensive health care environment.

Biobehavioral Neuroscience

We're studying the interaction among biological and behavioral processes of brain and other neurological illness/health experiences, with particular emphasis on stroke and cognitive and affective symptoms.

Health Equity

We're researching ways to promote health equity and reduce health disparities through improved illness self-management.

Population Health & Wellness

We're working to better understand and prevent disease, and promote health and wellness through interventions.


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