Academic Success Coaching

Tip Sheets for Academic Success

  1. Active Learning: Getting the most out of class
    Learn effective strategies that will help you get the most out of your class and study time.
  2. ADHD Study Strategies
    Learn a few ways to adapt study strategies to work more effectively for students with ADD and ADHD.
  3. Affirmations for success and well-being
    Learn how to use affirmations to support successful outcomes and a sense of well-being.
  4. Concept & Mind maps
    Connect concepts from your studies through concept/mind mapping; another great note-taking technique.
  5. Cornell notes
    The Cornell note taking system positions you for success through active learning, writing, and immediate ability to self-quiz.
  6. Faculty’s best success tips
    Read here to discover your faculty’s best success tips!
  7. Getting Started: Considerations for Nursing Students
    Getting Started: Success tips for beginning the nursing program
  8. Great Apps for Reading, Writing, Dictating & Notetaking
    Three free apps to help with reading, organizing notes, recording lectures, dictating, and streamlining notetaking.
  9. Memory tips to make info stick
    Good memory depends on several factors. Check out these suggestions to support better memory!
  10. Mental Health & Crisis Resources
    A list of mental health resources should you or a fellow student need some additional support.
  11. NCLEX review books
    Get an NCLEX RN Review book at the beginning of your program and use it weekly to support your studies.
  12. On-line Learning: Make it work for you!
    Great tips to get the most out of online learning.
  1. Organize weekly study time
    Step-by-step guidelines to help you organize your study time each week.
  2. Organizing Notebook
    Learn the secret of the two-notebook system for staying organized throughout the semester!
  3. Professional communication
    Develop professional email skills to help you communicate more clearly and professionally.
  4. Six learning strategies
    Six effective ways to learn faster and remember longer.
  5. Stop procrastination now
    Overcome procrastination now using this easy technique.
  6. Study Groups: Make them worth your time!
    Study groups can be a game-changer when utilized effectively. Learn how to create a study group if one is not created for you in your course.
  7. Studying with distractions
    It is not easy, but it can be done. Learn how to study in the midst of distractions.
  8. Tackling the Textbook
    Learn 6 easy steps to help you read the textbook so it sticks!
  9. Taming the stress monster
    Review 8 simple ways to reduce stress.
  10. Test taking tips
    Learn great test taking tips for nursing school and NCLEX.
  11. Tips for following the rubric and instructions
    Great papers begin with following the instructions and grading rubric.
  12. Turning a PPT into Cornell notes
    A great way to turn your PPT slides into a quizzable format…without spending time making flashcards.
  13. UAZ Student Support Services
  14. Wildcat First Semester Nursing Student Check List

Resources for Academic Success

  1. You Tube Justine G. Feather
    Concept mapping– by a nursing student
  2. You Tube Tony Buzan
    Mind Mapping - Find out how to Mind Map and why it is so effective from the inventor of the process, Tony Buzan
    Concept map program – Purchase a subscription to access software that makes concept mapping easy.  Students can apply for a 50% discount.  Regular monthly rate is $4.91 ($59 annually).
  4. Mosby’s
    Mosby’s Nursing Concept Map Creator –CD-ROM, Easy to use program walks you through each step involved in gathering, organizing, and entering patient data into a nursing care plan resulting in a concept map format.  One time purchase of CD-ROM for $33.56 (subject to change).
  5. Lucidchart
    Concept map software –Sign up for free as a student, can upgrade for a fee.
  1. Office of Diversity & Inclusion (ODI)
    Support services available to help those where English is not a native language.
  2. English Grammar Online
    Several great references, resources, and fun exercises to help with English writing, grammar, and vocabulary.
    This site specializes in ESL resources.  Check out the student link for help with grammar, idioms, phrasal verbs, irregular verbs, and more.
  4. UA Center for English as a Second Language
    The University of Arizona’s Center for English as a Second Language (CESL) offers high-quality English language and teacher training programs. There is a cost for these services.
  1. Austin Community College
    Great test taking techniques for nurses; includes sample test questions.
  2. YouTube: How Can Health Professional Students Manage Test Anxiety?
    Great YouTube video on test anxiety: what is it & strategies to counter test anxiety (Dr. Cathy Evans & Dr. Sharon Switzer-McIntyre).  
  3. ETS: The Praxis Series
    Guidelines for reducing test anxiety
  4. Minnesota State University
    Test anxiety: lots of helpful tips to overcome test anxiety
  5. You Tube: A Relaxation Exercise for Reducing Test Anxiety
    Beautiful imagery with suggestions for relaxation and positive affirmations for test taking (Dr. Marsha Fralick).
  6. You Tube: Exam Success Meditation
    Stay calm & deal with test taking nerves & anxiety (Jason Stephenson).
  7. Mometrix - Overcoming Test Anxiety
  1. UA Stressbusters
    6 short videos to help you chill now! Topics cover relaxing breathing, guided imagery, yoga, better sleep tips and more.
  2. UA Campus Health
    The university’s Campus Health provides a variety of services, ranging from a walk-in clinic to psychological counseling and referrals.
  3. Phoenix Health Resources
    Students located in Phoenix can access mental health services via the Arizona State University downtown campus.
  4. UA Campus Pantry
    The UA Campus Pantry is committed to helping students and staff who experience food insecurity gain access to nutritional resources. At their distribution events, students and staff can grab important food staples at no cost. All you need is your CatCard! Check website for events schedule and contact info.
  5. UA CON Pantry (Soon to open!)
    UA CON Pantry is committed to helping students and staff who experience food-insecurity gain access to nutritional resources.
  6. UA Campus Recreation
    Many great health and wellness programs FREE to UA students.
  7. Trinity Food Pantry
    The Trinity Food Pantry is open in Tucson Sunday 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm, Tuesday 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm and Thursday 12:00 pm to 4:00 PM.
  8. Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona
    They distribute fresh produce and non-perishable food to a vast network of community partners throughout the state.  Check out the locations link for a distribution site near you.  They also offer many educational programs including community garden plots and emergency food boxes.
  9. Guided Imagery Podcasts for Health & Streyeahss Reduction
    13 free podcasts that you can listen to on-line or download.  Topics include stress relief, healthful sleep and more (Kaiser Permanente).  Caution – DO NOT listen to while driving!
  10. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
    Learn a psychological acupressure technique for reducing stress and promoting relaxation and better sleep.  Click on the Tapping 101 tab on the top, watch the first video entitled “What is Tapping and How Can I Start Using It?”, then scroll down and watch the “Introduction to the Tapping Points” video
  11. HeartMath Biofeedback Science-based technology and programs to help reduce stress and anxiety. Click on the Coherence Tech tab for more information about the three programs available. The third & fourth hyperlink provides an audio to walk you through the Quick Coherence technique!
  12. You Tube: Positive Mind 5 Minute Meditation
    Guided Imagery led by Jason Stephenson. Multiple videos are available by the same author that may be helpful. Do not use while driving!
    The AHNA provides resources related to holistic stress management, self-care and wellbeing specific to nurses.
  14. American Holistic Nurses Association
    The AHNA provides resources related to holistic stress management, self-care and wellbeing specific to nurses.
  15. Palouse Mindfulness
    Free mindfulness-based stress reduction 8-week online course
  16. YouTube: Relaxing Nature
    Relaxing nature walk with music and bird sounds.
  17. Excel At Life Free audios and guided imagery recordings to listen addressing a lot of issues such as anxiety, self-esteem, motivation, mindfulness exercises and a whole lot more! Remember when listening to these adios to be in a safe and comfortable place where you can focus on the audio.  Do NOT listen to while driving or engaged in activities that need your attention.
  18. English & Spanish Guided Meditations
    Free audio guided meditations in English and Spanish.  Transcripts of the meditations are also provided (UCLA Health).
  19. YouTube: Jim Kwik
    The power of morning routine, life balance, focus on what is most important.  The same presenter also has videos about a variety of other topics related to self-care and healthy tips.
  20. National Sleep Foundation
    A lot of great tips for better sleep. Check out the SLEEP TOPICS tab, the bedroom environment.  Click on each sense button for more information.
  21. American Heart Association
    Great website for many tips and guidelines for healthy living including: healthy eating, physical activity, weight management, stress management, quit smoking.
  22. Learn Psychology
    Mental health issues  affecting college students – many mental health topics are covered on this site which include helpful information
  23. LGBTQ Resources Nationally
    A list of national resources for local and distance students.
  1. Nurse Plus Academy
    Access free2017 NCLEX practice questions, take tests as many times as you want.
  2. National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) Learning Extension
    Fee-based service with different levels of NCLEX preparation.  Includes self-paced courses and over 1,300 questions to study from.
  3. NCLEX Website
    Everything related to NCLEX, including access to practice exams (fee-based service).
  4. Kaplan – Free NCLEX Prep
    Free NCLEX practice questions, sign-up for a free question of the day
  5. Kaplan Prep Course Options
    Fee-based prep courses for NCLEX.
  6. NCLEX Online
    Free & fee-based resources for NCLEX study prep. Helpful blog with test preparation insight!
  7. FA Davis Company
    With purchase of review book you get one- year free access to Davis Edge NCLEX RN with over 10,000 questions including “select-all-that-apply”, rationales, test taking tips, and more.
  8. Mometrix Test Preparation
    Review of the NCLEX-RN distribution of content
  9. National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN)
    NCSBN website for information about the NCLEX: application and registration, fees, scheduling, authorization to test, testing locations, what to do before, during and after test, test plans, etc.
  10. NRSNG
    Free NCLEX style test questions you can use to practice.
  11. PREZI by Mary Ann McLaughlin
    This short Prezi presentation outlines the Kaplan decision tree which can be useful in answering NCLEX style questions.
    Free & fee-based resources specific to nursing curriculum.  Explore areas such as nursing care plans, pharmacology study guides, IV solutions and more.  NRSNG also offers NCLEX preparation materials.
  2. Doctoral Project Repository
    View other DNP projects as well as pay to list your own completed project.  Also check out DNP conference information, grants and scholarships, and DNP jobs. Look under Doctoral Project Repository, click on Search without filling in the field for complete list of all projects.
    Formulas and examples for medication calculations
  2. UA Statics Consulting Laboratory
    Free statistical consultation sessions for faculty, staff, and students. Call to set up an appointment.
  3. NRSNG
    Pharmacology study guide included list of medications, med cards, and audio descriptions of the medication. Download a free study handout.
  1. Trade Schools, Colleges and Universities
    99 student success tips for: choosing classes, setting goals, motivation, time management, going to class, study tips, test-taking, money management, health and wellness, career preparation and networking
  2. Arizona State Board of Nursing
    Official AZ State Board of Nursing – get information about applying for RN licensure and certification, scope of practice, license verification, and more
  3. National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN)
    Home page to get information about NCLEX, regulations, licensure compacts, policy and Government, research, news and events
  4. Univ of Nebraska-Lincoln
    Resource page that has many helpful brochures and handouts listed at the bottom of the page.  These short informational brochures cover a variety of topics such as note taking, reading strategies, time management, test-taking strategies and more.
  5. Louisiana State University: Center for Academic Success
    Check out the resource page for links for video and document resources: time management study strategies, course preparation, test-taking strategies, and more.
  6. Brazosport College
    Learning Framework introduces students to theories of learning, cognition and motivation from which to utilize success strategies in all areas of learning.  Very practical articles on test anxiety, note taking, time management and more.
  7. Getting Things Done – David Allen
    Podcast on the powerful practice of outcome thinking. Discover how your thoughts affect your outcomes.
  8. Oregon State University
    OSU Learning Center has developed many handouts on all aspects of studying, reading, notetaking, time management, success and much more!  Truly a gold mine of information!
  9. The Learning Center
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Tips and Tools to study smarter, be more productive, read better and ace your tests.
  10. OpenStax College Success
    A comprehensive resource providing information on many success topics such as reading and note taking, time management, learning styles.
  1. CCRI’s Nursing Program
    PDF handout from another nursing school filled with relevant information and tips for time management, how to study, test taking tips, etc.
  2. YouTube: The Study Cycle
    A short video to help students understand the study cycle to develop better study strategies (Louisiana State University).
  3. Study Guides and Strategies Website
    A collection of downloadable resources related to learning strategies, time/project management tips, effective study habits and more.
  4. Learning to Learn Series
    Each part of the 6-part series focuses on one evidence-based learning strategy and provides useful information for retrieval practice, spaced review, elaboration, interleaving, metacognition, and growth mindset (University of Arizona).
  5. Six Effective Learning Strategies
    Learn about six different effective learning strategies - download all six PDF resources (The Learning Scientists).
    The THINK TANK provides a wide range of programs and services to encourage learning – from workshops to tutoring!  Registration may be required for some activities. 
  7. VARK: Guide to Learning Styles
    Free Learning style self-test
  8. YouTube: Thomas Frank
    YouTube channel offering short videos on a variety of topics.  Recommended videos include: 8-Advanced Study Tips, 5 Ways to Build Focus, Note Take – 5 Best Methods, Active Reading and more!
  9. Mometrix Test Preparation
    You Tube – How to take Cornell notes
  10. YouTube: Cornell Notes with Doug Neill
    Cornell notes with sketch noting techniques
  11. Brazosport College
    A review ofSQ4R reading method which is very effective to enhance reading retention. Use to make your reading count!
  12. Dartmouth: Academic Skills Center
    Note-taking tips and video.  Check out the bottom of the page for links to Cornell University, Stanford University, and Utah State University.  The Stanford handout reviews 5 different note taking strategies.
  13. Examined Existence
    Learn how to learn more effectively with spaced repetition.
  14. Examined Existence
    Top ten learning techniques ranking from best to worst
  15. Anki
    Electronic flashcards utilizing spaced repetition and active recall testing
  16. Quizlet
    Electronic flashcards, games and more.  You can make your own cards or use sets already created.
  17. Speed-Reading Techniques
    Speed reading article and tips by Keith Drury, Associate Professor, Indiana Wesleyan University
  18. Wall Street Journal
    Short article highlighting more effective study strategies
  19. Litemind
    Articles and resources related to effective study and retention of information.
  20. The Learning Center
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Tips and Tools to study smarter, be more productive, read better and ace your tests.
  1. James Clear
    Procrastination: A Scientific Guide on How to Stop Procrastination. Great article with lots of links for more in-depth information
  2. Litemind
    Learn 15 Time Boxing strategies to get things done!
  3. iStudiez PRO
    App for tracking class schedules, homework assignments, daily tasks, etc. Free lite version - $2.99 Pro version
  4. My Study Life
    App for tracking class schedules, homework assignments, daily tasks, etc.  Free.
  5. Remember the Milk
    App for making To-Do lists.  Free trial.  $39.99 per year
    Free printable calendars and academic planner sheets
  1. UA Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid
    Provides information on scholarships, financial aid along with relevant dates and deadlines.  Access Scholarship Universe there too!
  2. D2L Help page
    Helpful resources for D2L – Student users.
  3. Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques (SALT)
    The SALT Center inspires students with learning and attention challenges to succeed in higher education.  The services include (not limited to) Individualized Learning Plans, Peer Tutoring, Workshops and more!
  4. UA Disability Resource Center (DRC)
    The University of Arizona is committed to inclusion and access. DRC works to determine and provide access to University classes, programs and activities for disabled. Through an interactive process, they facilitate access either through determining a reasonable accommodation or by redesigning aspects of a University experience.
  5. Veterans Education and Transition Services (V.E.T.S.)
    Hub of information for student veterans and veterans looking to enter the UA.
  6. UA LGBTQ Affairs
    The Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning (LGBTQ) Affairs creates a safe space for thousands of students every year on the University of Arizona campus through programs, trainings, events, and through the LGBTQ Resource Center in the Student Union.
  7. UA Academic Success and Achievement
    UA’s main source of support for retention and student success. Many services are offered including mentoring, etc.
  8. UA Dean of Students
    Engaging students across campus – hub for student organizations and more.  Also provides information related to the university’s policies on Code of Conduct and Academic Integrity.
  9. UA Student Engagement & Career Development
    Great resources for interviewing, creating a resume and cover letter, preparing for the job interview, etc.  Check under the tabs for Career Coaching and Resources & Tools.
  10. UA Calendars
    This UA site has links for several calendars and events such as: academic calendar, final exam schedule, payment deadlines, registration deadlines, holidays, and master calendar of UA events
  11. UA Academic Support Services
    This UA site has several support services listed for easy access such as: SALT, THINK TANK, CATS Academics and more
  12. UA Maps
    Map of UA campus
  13. UA SafeRide
    Free transportation service for UA affiliates that provide nighttime alternative to walking alone on campus.
  14. UA Housing & Residential Life
    Living on campus?  Find more information here.
  15. UA Threat Assessment & Management
    Concerns about campus safety, violence or threats.
  16. UA Police Department (UAPD)
    Crime alerts, safety tips, finger printing, bike/wheel locks for sale, report a crime.
  17. UA Graduate Center
    Video for job interviewing and networking, about an hour in length
Download the Resource List for Academic Success as a PDF.

Looking for Writing Resources?

Check out the CON Writing Coach for resources and services exclusive to Nursing students.