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Your support provides the most precious gift anyone can receive - the Gift of Opportunity. Many students need financial assistance to realize their dream of becoming a nurse. Our graduates are tomorrow’s nurses, leaders, research scientists and nursing faculty. Ranked among the top nursing colleges in the nation, we are preparing nurses at all levels to care for your friends, families, and neighbors.

There are a variety of 100% tax-deductible options available to donors, depending on your individual needs and wishes.


By Check and Credit Card

Please make check payable to:

Mail your check to:

College of Nursing
Attn: Ashley Hammarstrom
P.O. Box 210203
Tucson, AZ 85721


Note that checks received after December 31 will be processed and receipted according to the postmark date on the envelope in which the check was received. If the check is sent via UPS/FedEx or hand delivered, the tax receipt will reflect the year in which it was received.



Establishing an endowment ensures the causes you care about have stable, lasting support year after year. You can establish an endowment with a gift of cash or stock or through a planned gift and name the endowment in honor of an individual or organization. Endowments can support faculty, scholarships, programs, or research.

Minimum funding levels for endowments are set by the University. As of January 1, 2023, the following describes the minimum required gifts to create new endowments at the University of Arizona College of Nursing. You may increase the impact of any existing endowment with a charitable contribution in any amount.

These are the most common types of endowments at the University of Arizona, but it is possible to create other endowed funds, such as in support of a specific program or for general unrestricted use.


A minimum gift of $5 million creates and names an endowed dean or director on campus. The payout is used to achieve strategic priorities within the college or unit.

Endowed Chair

A minimum gift of $2 million creates and names an endowed chair in a college or unit. Chairs are held by tenured associates or full professors. The payout can be used to support research expenditures, graduate students or other items of importance to the chairholder.

Endowed Professorship

A minimum gift of $1 million creates and names an endowed professorship, which may be held by any University of Arizona faculty serving in the college or unit of your designation.

Endowed Fellowship

A minimum gift of $500,000 creates an endowed fellowship in the program of your designation and may include a research or teaching assignment if appropriate.

Endowed Scholarship

A minimum of $50,000 establishes an endowed scholarship, awarded to undergraduate or graduate students based on need, academic merit, or other factors.

Gift Planning

Making a planned gift is a wonderful way to show your support and appreciation for the College of Nursing and its mission while accommodating your own personal, financial, estate-planning, and philanthropic goals. With smart planning, you may actually increase the size of your estate and/or reduce the tax burden on your heirs. Just as important, you will know that you have made a meaningful contribution to Nursing.

Donor-Advised Funds

If you have already benefited from the immediate tax deductions offered by donor-advised funds (DAFs), you should know that the University of Arizona Foundation is an IRS-qualified public charity, and therefore eligible to receive contributions from your gift fund. Please follow the instructions provided by your fund regarding minimum contribution, the process for recommending grants, etc.

The University of Arizona Foundation’s tax ID number is: 86-6050388. Please make checks payable to University of Arizona Foundation/Nursing and mail to the following address:

College of Nursing
Attn: Ashley Hammarstrom
P.O. Box 210203
Tucson, AZ 85721

Please note the gift designation(s) with the name and ID number in your fund request.

What is a Donor-Advised Fund?

A donor-advised fund (DAF) is a philanthropic vehicle established at a public charity that allows donors to make a charitable contribution, receive an immediate tax benefit and then recommend grants from the fund to public charities of their choice over time.

A DAF distribution is subject to IRS charitable contribution restrictions. A recommendation for a distribution from a DAF will likely not be approved by the sponsoring organization if any portion of the gift will be used to provide more than incidental benefits. For instance, DAF gifts cannot be used to pay for tickets to a fundraising event, gala dinner or golf tournament.

How Does it Work?

  1. Establish your DAF by making an irrevocable, tax-deductible donation to a public charity that sponsors a DAF program.
  2. Advise the investment allocation of the donated assets (any investment growth is tax-free).
  3. Recommend grants to qualified public charities of your choice.

Make a Gift Using Cryptocurrency

We accept a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, in addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum. To designate the purpose of your cryptocurrency gift or if you have any questions please contact University of Arizona Foundation Financial Services.

To discuss your own philanthropic goals and how they can impact the future of Wildcat Nursing, contact:

Ashley Hammarstrom, MA
Director of Development & Alumni Relations
Phone: 520-626-6022