Donate to the College of Nursing

Your support provides the most precious gift anyone can receive - the Gift of Opportunity. Many students need financial assistance to realize their dream of becoming a nurse. Our graduates are tomorrow’s nurses, leaders, research scientists and nursing faculty. Ranked nationally among the top 10 percent of graduate nursing colleges, we are preparing nurses at all levels to care for your friends, families and neighbors

There are a variety of 100% tax-deductible options available to donors, depending on your individual needs and wishes. Student scholarships, faculty research, alumni council and the Dean’s Discretionary Fund are all current funding priorities.

Current Funding Priorities

  • Nursing Endowed Scholarships
    The College of Nursing is committed to enrolling students who demonstrate high academic achievement and compassion for others. They represent diverse backgrounds but share a common desire to provide excellent care. Your gift to this scholarship endowment will provide opportunities for students in need of partial-or full-financial assistance.
  • Excellence in Nursing Science Endowment
    Your gift to the Excellence in Nursing Science Endowment supports outstanding faculty research.
  • Dean’s Discretionary Fund
    The current economy and Arizona's budget deficit have caused the College of Nursing to suspend a number of initiatives. To remain among the top 6% of graduate nursing colleges in the country, the Dean must have the ability to fund innovative programs and projects that further the mission of the College. Your donation to the Dean's Discretionary Fund is unrestricted.
  • Alumni Council
    The Alumni Council sponsors student-generated initiatives and presents awards to outstanding graduates at commencement. Your donation to this fund supports student activities, Homecoming events and special Alumni Council projects.


Consider What Your Gift Can Do

  • $0-500: Support general scholarship funds
  • $500: Books for one semester
  • $1,000: Books for one year
  • $1,800: UA student health insurance for a year
  • $6,000: One semester of undergraduate, in-state tuition and fees
  • $12,000: One year of undergraduate, in-state tuition and fees
  • $25,000: Create and name an Endowed Scholarship
  • $65,000: One pediatric SimMan for the Steele Innovative Learning Center
  • $75,000: One adult SimMan for the Steele Innovative Learning Center
  • $100,000: Name a room at the College of Nursing
  • $300,000: Name the telemedicine and distance learning high-tech classroom
  • $500,000: Create and name an Endowed Research Fellowship
  • $750,000: Create and name an Endowed Professorship
  • $1,500,000: Create and name an Endowed Faculty Chair
  • Legacy Gift: Envision your dream, create a transformational gift for the College

**All gifts are 100% tax-deductible**

Leave Your Legacy

  • Help students realize their dreams of becoming a nurse.
  • Help nurses advance their education to become leaders in healthcare.
  • Help faculty continue essential research and educate the next generation of nurses.
  • Leave your legacy in a meaningful and lasting way.

Annuities Provide You with Lifetime Income

Annuities benefit the College of Nursing AND provide lifetime income to you at very attractive rates of return. We may be able to increase your retirement portfolio while you support students and faculty.

Establish an Endowment Named for Someone Special

We can create an endowment to honor the memory of your loved one or celebrate the life of someone who inspires you. Endowed gifts will ensure that your legacy continues to inspire and provide financial support for generations to come. You will be surprised at how easy it is to establish an endowment on a modest budget.

Support Essential Research

Our faculty receive very competitive, federal, state and private funds to support their research. If you are passionate about research, you can target your gift to the field of nursing that you wish to support.


Andrea Fisher, Senior Development Director