Global Nursing

Global Nursing

Wildcat Nursing is Global.

Building on the cultural diversity and educational excellence of the University of Arizona College of Nursing, we are expanding educational opportunities to increase the capacity for future nursing leaders and scientists to respond to the rapidly changing health care needs of global populations.


International Educational Experiences

Faculty-led international programs offered for credit or non-credit.

International Exchange

Arizona and international faculty/students engage in teaching, research, or service opportunities.


Students located in other countries obtain a dual degree through our partnerships with University of Arizona microcampuses.

Online Global Nursing Degrees for International Students

MS – Nursing Clinical Systems Leadership

Our fully-online RN to MS Master's Program, which offers experienced nurses the opportunity to advance their skills in healthcare leadership and administration, is available to students anywhere around the world.

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DNP – Executive Health Systems Leadership

The DNP in Executive Health Systems Leadership prepares international students with advanced skills and competencies necessary to assume and retain a key leadership position in any health care organization.

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What is a College of Nursing Microcampus? 

A College of Nursing microcampus will be a University of Arizona-designated space on the campus of a partner university that provides students with a connection to Arizona in their countries. The following criteria help define a microcampus.

Shared Campus: The partner university allows use of its physical campus and classrooms, and provides a designated space for the University of Arizona.

Shared Students: Students maintain their student status at the partner university while enrolled in for-credit Arizona courses offered on location at the partner university. 

Shared Tuition: Arizona tuition is shared with the partner institution.

Affordable:  Arizona program fees are set near in-state tuition rates to increase access and affordability and generate scale.

Full Degrees: Students earn a University of Arizona degree, either as a dual degree with the partner university, or a stand-alone degree.

University of Arizona Directed: Each micro-campus has a locally-based Arizona administrator to oversee program delivery, ensure the provision of student services, enforce Arizona academic integrity standards, promote joint research, and support Arizona faculty.

Research Incubation: The microcampus serves as a hub for faculty collaboration and capacity building, including joint research and grant proposals.

“The University of Arizona Microcampus Network is such an amazing opportunity for us to participate in an innovative model that promotes the health of populations through completion of a University of Arizona Nursing dual degree with our partners, responds to the global nursing shortage, and ultimately builds nursing capacity to improve health worldwide.”

Interested in partnering with us or becoming a global nursing student?

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