Posters created and presented by College of Nursing faculty, staff and students represent not only the presenter, but also the College and University to local, regional, national, and international audiences.

This poster process supports presenters in creating and printing high-quality posters properly sized for their conference/event and includes proofreading, branding review, design optimization, and printing services.  Printing is paid for by the College of Nursing unless the poster is supported by a grant, in which case, grant funds are to be used for payment.

Getting Started:

Please refer to the Poster Policy & Process document below before you begin creating your poster:


  • To ensure you receive your poster in time for your event or conference, please submit your final poster file via the Poster Request Form no later than 4 weeks prior to your departure for your presentation.
  • For the WIN Conference: WIN is a high volume, time intensive production process for us. We cannot ensure timely completion of your poster if it is not submitted by the deadline.

Please do not submit your poster via the Poster Request Form if you are still making changes or waiting for feedback/approval from a colleague or mentor.  Only final/approved posters should be submitted.


  • All students must use one of the College of Nursing poster templates.  See the "Download Poster Templates" item below.
  • Students should work with their faculty mentor to develop the content for their poster and complete the poster process.  Students should not submit posters via the Poster Request Form until their faculty mentor has reviewed and approved their poster.
  • All student posters must be printed by the College of Nursing.


  • All faculty (on-campus and distance) should use one of the College of Nursing poster templates.  See the "Download Poster Templates" item below.
  • If your conference has size requirements that are not compatible with the standard College of Nursing templates, please let ORS ( know immediately so we can have the template resized for you.

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All College of Nursing faculty, staff, and students may use the Posters service offering.


There is no cost to use this service offering.