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The goal of the Biological Core Laboratory (BCL) is to serve College of Nursing faculty and students with their biomarker research. The lab comprises 1,800 square feet and is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment required for most research with “wet” biomarker samples (e.g., saliva, plasma) that have been collected in either clinical field research settings. 

The Biological Core Laboratory is available to advise faculty and staff on approaches to collect samples for assessment of specific biomarkers as well as interpretation of biomarker data.

New to biomarker research?

We can help those who are new to biomarker research and offer the following to members of the College of Nursing community:

  • Assistance with creation of sample collection protocols, including shipping and sample storage plans
  • Assistance with selection of assay technologies (if needed)
  • Full-service analyses of select biomarkers delivered to the Biological Core Lab
  • Help with interpretation of biomarkers (e.g., saliva cortisol data to assess cortisol diurnal rhythm

The Biological Core Laboratory specializes in assessment of wet samples that have been collected in field settings as part of descriptive and intervention research.

Already do biomarker research?

Faculty and students at the College of Nursing may also conduct their own research in the Biological Core Laboratory after they meet training and proficiency guidelines. Contact a member of the Biological Core Lab for more information.

  • Luminex MAGPIX
  • 96-channel TomTec Quadra Tower robotic pipettor
  • BioTek 96-channel automated plate washer
  • Perkin Elmer Envision Xcite Multilabel Plate
  • NanoDrop 2000 spectrophotometer

*Not a comprehensive list

*Note: Only required if you have taken the General Laboratory Chemical Safety Training before April 1, 2013. The current version of the training includes sufficient information on GHS to satisfy the OSHA training requirements.

Additional information about the training can be obtained from Thaddeus Pace at

Upon completion of all training, either email or give hard copies of all certificates to Susan Whitman to have on file in the laboratory. Keycard access to the lab will then be requested for you.

BCL Faculty & Staff

Thaddeus Pace

Thaddeus Pace, PhD

BCL Director

Dora Chen, MS

BCL Technician