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Frequently Asked Questions

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Program Details

How many applicants do you have each application cycle?

  • 150-200 applicants for the fall and spring cycles
  • 50-100 for the summer cycle (BSN-IH only)

How many students do you admit each cycle?

  • BSN: 54 fall and spring
  • BSN-IH: 72 fall, spring and summer
  • Average Prerequisite GPA: 3.6 – 3.9
  • Average Cumulative GPA: 3.5 – 3.9
  • Average HESI: 92

No, all applicants (regardless of major) must apply to the BSN program. The highest ranked applicants will be selected for admission and major is not a consideration in the selection of admitted students.

  • Classes run Monday-Friday
  • Consists of lecture, lab, clinical experience
  • Clinical days can be between 8-12 hours
  • Due to rigorous schedule, limited work hours are recommended
  • The program does not allow for vacations or time off for personal plans
  • All programs observe holidays and university breaks

Yes! It’s highly recommended to move to Gilbert, AZ to complete the BSN-IH Gilbert pathway. Typically, the BSN-IH Gilbert pathway requires you to be in-person 3-4 days a week.

No, the UA does not offer a direct admit BSN program. Students are required to go through a competitive admissions process to gain entry to the professional nursing program once they have completed the majority of their college level prerequisites.

  • The BSN Tucson pathway is very much an in-person program where the majority of your classes are taught in-person; however, there are a couple of classes that are online. Labs, simulations, and clinicals are in-person as well.
  • The BSN-IH Gilbert pathway is a hybrid program. This means that the Nursing core classes are taught online whereas the labs, simulations, and clinicals are taught in-person.

Pre-Nursing is designed for students who intend to apply to the BSN program. Pre-Nursing majors receive extra support while preparing to apply for the BSN program. Pre-Nursing is not required to be admitted to the BSN program.

BSN Students admitted to the BSN professional program must complete a rigorous curriculum consisting of 61 credit hours of upper division Nursing coursework as well as meet the general education requirements of the University. It is highly recommended that applicants complete the University's general education requirements prior to enrolling in upper division Nursing courses.

Blending conventional medicine with complimentary approaches to Mind-Body-Spirit and Wellbeing such as learning how to clinically treat conditions through a variety of methods, including lifestyle enhancement, nutrition, and appropriate biomedical therapies.

Prerequisite Information


  • College Freshmen: 3.6 unweighted high school GPA
  • Current UA students: 3.4 GPA after completing at least 12 units at UA
  • Transfer students: 3.4 cumulative college level GPA


  • Minimum prerequisite GPA: 3.0
  • Minimum cumulative GPA: 3.0

Please attend an Information Session first. Sign-up days and times can be found via the Connect With Us page.

No, it doesn’t look bad so no worries there. If you decide to take our Nursing prerequisites elsewhere such as a community college, then please make sure they transfer to the UA by checking the transfer courses on the Transfer Credit guide via the Transfer Credit & Articulation website.

Prerequisite GPA is based on the highest grade made in the Nursing prerequisites.

Cumulative GPA consists of every single college level class a student has ever taken at the college level.

No, only the lecture for both Intro to Biology and Microbiology. However, if you plan on working as a Nurse in CA, then California Board of Registered Nurses requires the lecture and lab to Microbiology.

In-State Coursework from Public Institutions

For courses taken at a public institution in Arizona (state university or community college), students may download the Arizona Course Equivalency Chart, which includes the exact courses that are acceptable for prerequisite transferability.

Out-of-State Coursework and In-State Private Institutions

Pre-established equivalencies can be searched and viewed on the University of Arizona's Transfer Credit Guide.  If a course does not appear in this guide students will need to submit a course equivalency request to the Office of Transfer Credit & Articulation.

  • Fall admission: 2 prerequisites can still be in progress on Feb. 1 deadline
  • Spring admission: 2 prerequisites can still be in progress on Sept. 1 deadline
  • Summer admission (BSN-IH only): 2 prerequisites can still be in progress, but must be completed by March 30

Application Process

Besides GPA and test scores the following criteria are also evaluated for admission: 

  • Behavioral Interview
  • Healthcare Experience
  • Service
  • Scholarship
  • Volunteer
  • Leadership

No, applicants are not required to be pre-nursing majors to apply.

Minimum overall HESI score must be at least 75. A TEAS exam score cannot be used.

  • Fall: April 1
  • Spring: September 1
  • Summer: December 1
  • BSN: Two (fall + spring)
  • BSN-IH: Three (fall + spring + summer)

No. Experiences are much like extra credit. For BSN, we look at the last 4 years of experience from when you apply to the program.

Volunteer experience can be anything. It does not have to be healthcare experience. For application purposes, we look at both healthcare and volunteer experience.

  • Practice recording yourself
  • Practice answering questions in a timed manner (60-90 seconds)
  • Practice typing
  • Practice with family, friends, peers, etc.
  • Practice relating your responses to the Nursing career field
  • Do research on the Nursing career field
  • Check out our website missions and visions

No. We do not give preference to anyone or any specific majors/minors when applying to our program. No specific majors or minors provide any extra points.

The Nursing application can be found via Please note: The application opens two months prior to the application deadline you plan to apply to.

Yes! It’s $55 for your first application and $40 for every added application. NursingCAS does offer fee waivers but it’s on a first come, first serve basis.

No, W’s do not impact your Nursing application whatsoever.

It depends. If you have completed all Nursing prerequisites. as well as the HESI exam and are ready to apply to the Nursing program, then please apply through NursingCAS first. If admitted to the Nursing program, then you will be required to apply to UA Undergraduate Admissions. Please do not apply to UA Undergraduate Admissions before knowing if you have been admitted to the Nursing program or not.

No. We do not give preference to anyone or anything when applying to BSN/BSN-IH.

We have study tips and book recommendations available in our HESI Exam Process document. 

  • Employment in a licensed/certified role (Ex: CNA, EMT, Caregiver, Phlebotomist)
  • Employment in an Administrative role at the medical/clinical setting (Medical Records, Transcriptionist, Receptionist)
  • Hospital/Medical Facility Volunteer

Applications are reviewed after the application deadline. Applications must have the status of "verified" in the NursingCAS system to be eligible for review. Applications not "verified" 14 days after submission will not be reviewed.

Decisions will be sent out approximately 8-weeks after the application deadline.

If you look at your name on the application, there will be a "?" icon next to it. Click that to connect with the CAS Helpdesk. You can also contact NursingCAS at or call 617-612-2880.

Information on where and how to take the HESI Exam is located at HESI Exam Process | University of Arizona College of Nursing under “HESI Exam Process”

Cost and Financial Aid

Yes! They are available to current BSN students only. Please see our Costs & Financial Aid page for more information.

Knowing how much the program costs is a good way to start. Please visit the Costs & Financial Aid page to see how much your program is so you have an idea. Then, we recommend contacting OSFA as they would have the best tips and tricks for you.

Clinical Questions

The CON does not require the COVID-19 vaccine; however, several of our clinical partners do require the vaccine so it’s highly recommended to get it so that you stay compliant if admitted to the program. if you do not remain compliant in the program, then you will be dismissed.

  • Level 1: LTC
  • Level 2: Peds, OB, med-surg
  • Level 3: Psych, ICU
  • Level 4: community/public health, preceptorship.

Contact Information

Office of Student & Academic Affairs
College of Nursing, Room 112
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm
Phone: 520-626-3808 or 1-800-288-6158