Nursing Prerequisite Coursework

Both the BSN Conventional and BSN Integrative Health pathways require specific coursework to be eligible to apply and be prepared for the professional nursing curriculum. The MS-MEPN program has similar requirements to the BSN programs but does not require the Composition and Introductory Biology coursework for admission.

All Nursing Prerequisite Coursework is required to be completed with a C or higher grade to satisfy admission and graduation requirements. Below you will find the required Nursing Prerequisite Coursework offered at the University of Arizona:

The College of Nursing requires completion of the University of Arizona Foundation Writing requirement. This requirement can be met with a variety of course sequences, per a student’s writing placement determined by the Foundation Writing Program.

Common course sequences accepted include:

The MS-MEPN program does not include Composition coursework in Prerequisite GPA calculations.

Students have the choice to complete their Chemistry requirement with either a 2 course General Chemistry sequence (including labs) or a one course Allied Health Chemistry course (including lab):

General Chemistry sequence options include:

Allied Health Chemistry:

Students are required to take a two course sequence of human Anatomy & Physiology, PSIO 201 and PSIO 202.

Students are required to take one Introductory Biology lecture, MCB 181R.

Students may also satisfy this requirement with a score of 4 or 5 on the AP Biology exam or other similar approved options for Credit by Exam.

The MS-MEPN program does not include Introductory Biology in Prerequisite GPA calculations.

The College of Nursing requires students to complete one Microbiology lecture, MIC 205A. We will also accept MIC 285R.

If you are considering becoming an RN in California, we recommend that you complete a Microbiology laboratory course, MIC 205L or MIC 285L, to meet their state requirements for licensure.

Students are required to complete one semester of Statistics coursework.

Common options include:

The College of Nursing will also accept some discipline specific statistics courses offered at the University of Arizona, including: BIOS 376HECL 201AREC 239, and BNAN 276. Please consult a College of Nursing Academic Advisor if you have questions about statistics offerings.


Students are required to complete one Lifespan Development course, looking at the physical, emotional, and cognitive development of human beings from birth through death.

Accepted course options include:

Students are required to take one human Nutrition course:

Accepted course options include:

If a student chooses to take Nursing Prerequisite Coursework at another regionally accredited institution or by approved Credit by Exam, the course should be pre-approved as an equivalent to the required University of Arizona course:

At the time of application to the BSN or BSN-IH pathways, students can be enrolled in no more than 2 remaining Prerequisite Courses, which are scheduled to finish prior to the Prerequisite deadline posted.