MS-MEPN Curriculum & Locations

Learn the knowledge, attitudes and skills that are fundamental to nurses from our highly qualified nursing faculty.

Plan of Study

The newly announced Dual PharmD/MS-MEPN Degree with an FNP Certificate will give students an opportunity to earn an MS in Nursing, a PharmD, and an FNP certificate simultaneously. After completing the MS-MEPN program and obtaining their degree, the student would take the NCLEX exam and begin working as a nurse. They then would begin taking PharmD courses. After their first year in the PharmD, they would begin their FNP certificate track. They would finish their PharmD degree and FNP certificate concurrently. Learn More Here.

Program Outcomes

  • Synthesize knowledge from nursing, previous learning and life experiences as a basis for professional nursing practice.
  • Provide, coordinate and manage health and illness care for individuals, families, clinical populations, and communities.
  • Provide culturally appropriate, patient-centered care using the best evidence from research, literature and practice in the context of patient preferences, needs, beliefs and values.
  • Apply clinically appropriate information technology to promote patient safety and health care quality.
  • Implement evidence based practice and quality improvement strategies to optimize nursing care and patient outcomes.
  • Demonstrate professional responsibility and accountability for nursing practice within legal and ethical standards.
  • Use effective communication, collaborative and leadership skills to participate in and lead health care teams designed to improve patient and population health outcomes.
  • Apply contemporary knowledge of complex organizational systems in the design, delivery and evaluation of health care.


UAHS Campus

UAHS Campus

Located on the University of Arizona Health Sciences Campus, right next to Main Campus, in the heart of Tucson, Arizona.


Phoenix Biomedical Campus

PBC Building Image

Located in the Phoenix Biomedical Campus in Downtown Phoenix.