Proposal Submission & Review Processes

Proposal Submission Process Flowchart
Proposal Submission Process Flowchart. Download the flowchart as a PDF below.

Proposal Submission Process Flowchart

Proposal Submission Process Flowchart

Planning to submit a grant proposal? Review this flowchart to understand what forms and processes you should account for as you plan your proposal.

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Intent to Submit Form Process

The Intent to Submit (ITS) form is used to inform the College and UAHS Preaward of upcoming extramural proposal submissions. It is very important for each PI (or Co-I if the PI is not in the CON) to submit an ITS for three reasons:

  1. To get on the UAHS Preaward calendar so that they can assist you with your submission.
  2. Each application commits the College to provide resources. The College wants to make sure that each PI will receive adequate resources to carry out their proposed project, and that PIs are not expecting resources that the College cannot commit.
  3. The College also needs to know about all applications so that we may advocate for the proper credit and F&A split for our faculty.

Please follow these simple procedures:

  • Intent to Submit forms should be emailed to and as soon as you decide to submit an application, at least 6-8 weeks prior to your submission deadline*.
  • If you change your mind about submitting or change the submission date, please let us know. 
  • We will send a copy of your ITS to the Division Chairs. 

The College will not approve any applications in UAR without an Intent to Submit form. 

If you want to have an intramural proposal reviewed, please submit an ITS form. 

*Exceptions for funding opportunities with short turnaround from original posting.

Intent to Submit (ITS) Form

Intent to Submit (ITS) Form

Use this form to provide an indication of the timeline for your grant application.

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Proposal Review Process

We highly encourage all proposal teams to arrange for a proposal review prior to submission. There is evidence that shows proposals reviewed by external reviewers are ~35% more likely to be funded than those not reviewed by someone outside the research team. The College of Nursing (CON) and the Office of Research & Scholarship (ORS) want to support PIs to produce the most competitive applications. 

Therefore, all extramural proposals should receive some type of review (unless there are extenuating circumstances). Please see the following processes:

  • Proposals can be reviewed by anyone identified by the PI. It does not have to be internal to the CON. Reviewers can be within the CONat the UAand/or outside the UA
  • Reviewers should be experienced faculty with expertise in the subject area or in proposal development. If you would like, ORS can help to identify potential reviewers.
  • The names of the reviewers must be submitted to the ORS who will facilitate the process.
  • The College will pay for reviews done by experts outside the University of Arizona if coordinated through ORS. The ORS will coordinate payment. 
  • ORS will submit the final draft of your completed application to your reviewers. 
  • Documentation of the completed review will be archived in the ORS prior to final submission. 
  • There are exceptions to the external review process. Examples: you are under a tight deadline due to a funding opportunity with a short turnaround time; you are working with RDI and they are coordinating your application review. If this is the case, you just need to discuss with your Division Chair and the Associate Dean for Research to get approval for an exception.

All PIs must arrange for external review (or obtain approval for no external review) through the ORS. Applications not going through this process will not be approved by the College. 

We also encourage all intramural proposals to go through this review process.