DNP Portfolio

Access your DNP Portfolio via D2L.  If you do not see a portfolio course in D2L called DNP Portfolio-Specialty (e.g. DNP Portfolio - FNP), please contact LHTI at 520-626-4357 for assistance. Click on the assignments tab in your D2L portfolio course to submit your DNP portfolio documents. It is recommended that you upload all available portfolio items each semester, as it will be easier to remember appropriate exemplar assignments and make the process more manageable. For any questions about the DNP Portfolio, please contact your faculty advisor.  

Non-Clinical Immersion Hours

"Practice immersion experiences afford the opportunity to integrate and synthesize the essentials and specialty requirements necessary to demonstrate competency in an area of specialized nursing practice. Proficiency may be acquired through a variety of methods, such as, attaining case requirements, patient or practice contact hours, completing specified procedures, demonstrating experiential competencies, or a combination of these elements" (American Association of Colleges of Nursing (2006). The Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice. Washington, DC: Author, p 20).

Download the Non-Clinical Immersion Hours Worksheet once and save to use throughout your Program of Study

  • Course column refers to the Nursing (NURS XXX) course where activities occurred that address DNP Essentials
  • Essential(s) Addressed column is a pulldown menu where you will need to choose one of the 8 DNP Essentials
  • Title of Activity refers to the course assignment from the course syllabus that addresses the associated DNP Essential
  • Add activities line by line to the worksheet and save the worksheet until completed
  • Total hours are shown at the end of the worksheet and can be quickly seen by clicking on the “See Total Hours” button on page one
  • Upload your completed PDF worksheet to your D2L DNP Portfolio