Laurel Lee Bilbo

Laurel Lee Bilbo , MSN/ED, RN


I wanted to be a nurse from the age of 4. My grandmother was a nurse in the depression era and told me fascinating stories. I also had several medical issues throughout my life and knew if I became a nurse I could improve patient experience. I graduated from the UofA college of Nursing in 1986. I began working at El Dorado hospital in 1986 on a oncology unit. I became charge nurse in three months time. When our hospital closed in 2006 I was a nursing supervisor for the hospital. During my time at El Dorado, I worked on telemetry and med surg. I also performed home health visits to medicare patients and worked in an oncology office. I also began teaching part time for Pima Community College (PCC). At PCC I taught several first semester skills labs and a clinical rotation which was half long term care and an introduction into acute care at the hospital. After El Dorado closed I worked for Maxum agency and worked several facilities in town. I then accepted a position as house supervisor at Saint Joseph hospital November of 2007. I thrived in this role and realized I loved mentoring and educating others. I decided to go back to school after 25 years of nursing and obtained my masters in Nursing Education from Grand Canyon University May of 2013. I applied to the UofA nursing college in hopes of teaching for my alma mater and was hired. I currently teach in second semester in the BSN program, in the summers for the MPEN program and work in the Steele Simulation lab.