UA Box Health for College of Nursing Affiliates

UA Box Health is a secure, cloud storage location where you can safely store and share sensitive data. To be granted access to UA Box Health you, and those with whom you share data, will need to complete the following training.

You must complete the University of Arizona's HIPAA training available in UAccess Learning.  For more information on HIPAA training, see the University Research Gateway's article on HIPAA training.

UITS has developed specific training for UA Box Health.  This training is required for access.  This training can also be found in UAccess Learning.  Go to Edge Learning to sign up for the course.

Once you have completed both HIPAA and UA Box Health training, you may request a folder in UA Box Health by putting in a request to the LHTI Service Desk.  Please note, all people accessing our UA Box Health instance need to be University affiliates.  If you need to share with a person outside the University, you can request DCC (Designated Campus Colleague) access from our Human Resources department for that individual. 

IMPORTANT: If you are not affiliated with the College of Nursing, please contact your local IT for assistance with getting your folders created.