Use of Personal Electronic Devices in the Clinical Setting

In general, students may not use cell phones, recording devices, or other electronic communication devices in the clinical area, except with the direct permission of their clinical faculty and only in designated areas within the clinical practice site. Students must adhere to all specific institutional policies and procedures and professional behaviors pertaining to the use of electronic devices during clinical lab time (including clinical conference times).

Computer use during clinical time should be restricted to clinical care activities only. Use of computers for personal communication, personal entertainment, non-academic, internet use, and to work on academic assignments is strictly prohibited.

Inappropriate use of any electronic device during clinical work may result in dismissal from the clinical setting. Inappropriate use of electronic devices within the clinical setting constitutes unprofessional behavior and can result in a disciplinary action such as a code of academic integrity violation with the university’s Dean of Student’s Office. Inappropriate use of electronic devices that results in a violation of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) will be reported as outlined in the college’s policy. Violations of this policy, HIPAA or the Code of Conduct may result in unsuccessful completion of the clinical portion of the course.

Last Revised

June 27, 2019