Transportation to Clinical Practice Sites

Attendance at clinical practice sites is required to successfully complete programs with clinical components (BSN, MEPN, DNP, Certificate). These clinical sites are held ina variety of health care settingsin the community.Students are to provide their own transportation to whichever clinical or instructional sites they are assigned. Failure to arrive to instructional or clinical practice site rotations because of lack of transportation is considered an unexcused absence, and repeated instances may lead to failure in the course. Should a student encounter an unexpected challenge with transportation, the student should contact their clinical supervising faculty member immediately. The notification should occur via email, text message or phone call, and should include a short summary of the situation, how the student will resolve the challenge, and when the student will arrive at the clinical practice site.


BSN, MEPN, DNP, Graduate Certificate students

Last Revised

June 27, 2019