HIPAA Policies & Compliance Statement

All students are expected to comply with HIPAA policies of the University of Arizona, as well as any outside institutions where students are placed. Additionally, students who hold Registered Nurse (RN) licensure have an ethical and legal obligation to maintain patient privacy andconfidentiality at all times as outlined in the American Nursing Association’s Code of Ethics. All suspected HIPAA violations will be reported to the applicable outside institution as well the UA HIPAA Privacy Office consistent with University protocol. Those offices will work concurrently to investigate the alleged violations and will make the appropriate recommendation for sanctions to be applied to the offender. Sanctions may range from requiring additional HIPAA training to program dismissal, depending on the findings of the investigation and severity of the offense.

If faculty, students or staff suspect that a HIPAA violation has occurred, choose the “report aprivacy incident” link from the university’s HIPAA Privacy Page.

General questions may be referred to:
Jill Hagaman, M.A.
Director, Student & Academic Affairs
The University of Arizona College of Nursing

Questions about suspected HIPAA violations and policies should be referred to:
John Howard, JD, CHCO, CHPC
HIPAA Privacy Officer
Human Subjects Protection & Privacy Program
Research, Discovery & Innovation
The University of Arizona


The HIPAA Policies & Compliance Statement applies to all students in the College of Nursing.

Last Revised

March 12, 2019