Fingerprint Clearance Card – Faculty

A Fingerprint Clearance Card is required for clinical experiences. An example of what an FCC looks like is shown here:

Fingerprint Clearance Card Example
Example of FCC

To obtain your FCC, please contact the Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZ DPS) by clicking on their website:

  • If you are in Arizona, you are able to schedule fingerprinting and complete the application using the online system.
  • If you are not in Arizona, you can download and print a packet from the AZ DPS website above.
  • If you already have an Arizona FCC, please let us know and send us a copy of it, as we will have to contact AZ DPS to add the required statutes for our program (ARS §15-512).

ONLINE APPLICATION (for those in Arizona):
Provide your email, password, and security question. On the next screen you will need to provide a reason, so please select the ‘IVP’ version of ‘Volunteer or Student’. If you selected the ‘Regular Application’ version, you can use the ‘Health Science Student & Clinical Assistant’ option like on the next page– this will still get you the right card.

When asked to check boxes as to why you are applying, select the last two boxes (both ARS §15-512):

On the following screens you will enter your personal information, demographics, and employer (use the UA information below). Example:

FCC – Employer information

Address to be entered under Employer will be the College of Nursing’s address:

University of Arizona College of Nursing
1305 N Martin Avenue
Tucson AZ 85721
(520) 626-3808

Next, sign and date your release, schedule the time/location of your fingerprinting and provide payment.

Please make sure to retain/email a copy of the Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card email confirmationsince you will be required to submit this email confirmation to our office to show you have requested an FCC. Email this confirmation to:

PAPER APPLICATION (for those not in Arizona):

If you are not in Arizona, you can use a paper application to complete the process, whether you choose to receive it in the mail or download from the AZ DPS website. This can be either the ‘Regular’ (non-IVP) paper form or the IVP version, both will work. For fingerprinting services, you must perform this before submitting the form - it is recommended you contact your local police department or a private fingerprinting company.

On the IVP application, you are able to use the same options as above. For the ‘Regular’ application, you can use the same address information as above, but you will need to select the ‘Health Science Student & Clinical Assistant’ option on the final page (seen below in the right column). Please make a copy of your completed form and submit this to as proof you have requested an FCC.

FCC – Paper application


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June 27, 2019