Clinical Compliance Policy - Students

Purpose & Application

All College of Nursing (CON) students in programs that have clinical experiences, have Clinical Compliance requirements they must meet. These requirements are based on a legal agreement between UArizona Health Sciences (UAHS), of which the CON is a division of, and the clinical site and/or preceptor. In these agreements, UAHS agrees that each CON student will meet certain criteria before being placed at a clinical site and will maintain compliance for the duration of their rotation. These requirements will be communicated to CON students by the Clinical Compliance Coordinator(s).

Admission to CON programs that include clinical compliance requirements, is contingent upon a student being compliant by the deadline provided. Students offered conditional admission to the CON that are not compliant by the specified deadline will have their admission offer withdrawn.

All students in clinical settings, regardless of the type and location of the setting, must meet all Clinical Compliance requirements for the CON and every clinical site to which they are assigned, including requirements related to COVID-19 vaccination and/or testing. The CON will not modify assigned clinical placements if a student cannot or does not comply with the clinical sites’ requirements. Please also keep in mind that clinical requirements for sites will continue to change.


Each student is responsible for achieving and maintaining their compliance.


Requirements of the CON and most clinical site partners are uploaded and tracked in various compliance systems. Some sites track compliance requirements using paperwork. The CON will pay for the student’s accounts in the compliance systems. Students are responsible to pay all other fees associated with the clinical compliance requirements, including their drug/alcohol test(s) and background check(s), regardless of results.

What Does It Mean to Be Compliant?


  • Students are considered compliant when all requirements (see your Clinical Compliance Checklist for requirements) have been submitted and approved.
  • Before the start of each semester, all requirements must be valid (i.e., not due to expire) for the entire semester.
  • Certain requirements cannot be renewed/submitted early as they must follow specific timelines. These items may include Hep B, Varicella, MMR, HIPAA and OSHA/Bloodborne Pathogens.
  • Students who are unable to complete an item requiring renewal prior to the start of a semester must contact the CON for approval to complete a requirement later. Approval is not guaranteed.


  • Students are considered non-compliant when any requirement is not valid and approved at the time of the deadline. In addition, no requirements are allowed to expire during the semester.
  • Non-compliant students will be unable to participate in clinical rotations and may face additional disciplinary actions.
  • Inability to participate in clinical rotations may impact your course grade and the successful completion of the semester and/or program.

Last Revised

July 7, 2022