Arizona Nurse Honor Guard Memorializes Former Dean Gladys Sorensen

March 25, 2021

sorensen honor guard 3.jpg

UArizona Nursing Dean Ki Moore joins the Arizona Nurse Honor Guard to pay tribute to former Dean Dr. Gladys Sorensen

When Dr. Gladys Sorensen, the University of Arizona College of Nursing’s second dean, passed away on January 3 the College lost one of its most iconic figures and consistent champions. Earlier this month, the Pima County chapter of the Arizona Nurse Honor Guard visited the College to pay tribute to Dr. Sorensen. The Arizona Nurse Honor Guard is a non profit organization offering nurses recognition and honor for those who have dedicated their lives to the nursing profession.

“She gave to so many student nurses as well as helped grow that nursing culture in our community that it feels like the very least we could do to give back to her," ~LeAnn Leslie-Larson, Pima County Chapter, Arizona Nurse Honor Guard

Watch the moving tribute here:


Dean Sorensen was the second dean of the college and helped guide the college in its earliest years. From 1958 until her passing, Dr. Sorensen was deeply involved in the College’s milestones and successes, wearing professional hats that included Professor (1958-1967 and 1987-1988), Dean (1967-1986) and Dean and Professor Emerita (1988-2021). Read more about her life and career here.