Leslie A Dupont

Leslie A Dupont , PhD

Coach, Writing

As your Writing Coach, I work directly with Nursing students, staff, and faculty on your scholarly and professional writing in order to help you strengthen your skills in this area.

I have taught writing and writing-related subjects since 1989, and I earned my PhD in Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English in 1999. I have worked as a writing instructor here at the UA; in Nogales, AZ, for Pima Community College; and online with the Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth. In addition, I have published two writing textbooks (Writing Cornerstones and Writing Keystones) and worked as an independent editor. From 2013 to 2018, I was the Graduate Writing Institute Coordinator at the UA Writing Skills Improvement Program.

That all sounds kind of traditional, doesn’t it? However, I actually consider myself a nontraditional/alternative academic (“alt-ac”). While I’ve always loved to read and write and am an eternally curious lifelong learner, I also struggled as a student with academic writing and research. I could do it well, but the process was an intimidating mystery to me for many years. In addition, I actually entered higher education as a high-school dropout. Fortunately, leaving high school after 11th grade gave me a chance to do some necessary growing up, get out in the work world, and develop my common sense. So, when I decided to try college, I had a toolkit of basic life skills that helped me be a successful student. Teaching and learning have always appealed to me, especially in a collaborative coaching/mentoring format, so I’m excited to work with you as a writing coach.