HESI Exam Process

HESI Exam Process
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Testing is currently available through: 

  • Proctor U for online proctored testing. Open to current and prospective UA students. 
  • UA Testing Office for in-person proctored testing. The UA Testing Center is only available for current University of Arizona Students.
  • To set up either process please see the guide above.

Additionally, the following considerations should be noted for the HESI exam:

  • The only sections needed are Reading, Vocabulary, Math, and Biology. An eligible score requires at least those 4 sections in 1 single testing attempt. 
    • Score is calculated as the average amongst the 4 required sections, with a minimum score required of 75% needed (though higher is recommended) 
    • Additional sections, such as Chemistry or Physiology, will not be utilized in your score average for the application. 
  • All applicants are allowed up to 2 attempts per application cycle, regardless of how close in time attempt #1 and #2 are.
    • Applicants cannot take the exam more than twice per application cycle.
    • Applicants may utilize the highest score between all eligible attempts, rather than the most recent score.
  • HESI scores expire after 1 year and must be eligible on the deadline of the application applicants are applying for.
    • For example, a HESI score that was taken November 1, 2020 would expire November 1, 2021 and would not be able to be used for the December 15, 2021 deadline.