August 2020 Convocation

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The College of Nursing in-person convocation event for August 2020 has been cancelled due to COVID-19.

August 2020 video convocation


College of Nursing Video Address and Awards Announcement

Arizona Nursing recognizes Wildcat Nurses for completing their rigorous programs, including for Master of Science for Entry to the Profession of Nursing, Master of Science in Nursing Clinical Systems Leadership, Doctor of Nursing Practice and Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing.

Congratulations, Nurses

On August 13th, the College of Nursing will celebrate MEPN, RN-MS, DNP, and PhD graduates with a virtual convocation.

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Student Awards

Outstanding DNP Project Award

Karen Manning

Karen developed and trademarked a workload survey tool to be used to improve workload staffing in suburban school districts.  Karen recently submitted her project for publication to the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) Journal.

Gladys E. Sorenson: Advancing the Profession Award

Jason Johnson

Jason Johnson is an experienced critical care nurse and outstanding student.  He has presented at nursing conferences both nationally and internationally on critical care nursing practice.  His work is always thoroughly researched and demonstrates scholarly excellence. His faculty and peers describe him as an outstanding scholar and role model, an exceptional writer and an inspirational leader. Congratulations Jason!

Pearl Parvin Coulter Award

Kody Wheeler

Kody Wheeler is an experienced nurse with a clinical background in neurological and corrections nursing.  He is a champion for patient-centered care and an advocate for his patients and their families.  His peers recognize him for his outstanding leadership in course projects.  Faculty recognize his exceptional scholarship, leadership skills and his ability to help each team member shine during a group project.  Congratulations Kody!

Academic Excellence in Clinical Systems Leadership Award

Yaara Ellis

Yaara Ellis is an experienced critical care nurse who excels in scholarly written work and communication in the online environment creating a positive experience for her peers.  She is described by her peers as dedicated, respectful, kind, caring and enthusiastic about nursing.  She is also described as an outstanding example of an exceptional leader in nursing.  Congratulations Yaara!

Audrey Altamirano

Audrey Altamirano is an experienced critical care nurse and outstanding student who has demonstrated strong transformational leadership skills throughout the program.  She actively contributes to a positive collaborative learning environment and demonstrates excellent written and verbal communication skills commitment to excellence in nursing leadership. Congratulations Audrey!

Arizona Nurses’ Association Chapter 2 Professional Leadership Award

Kara Bank

Kara is a great student advocate.  She has initiated several new activities, championed many service activities and finds creative ways to keep the MEPN students engaged during COVID-19.  She is a graceful, professional, responsive, positive leader – and a role model for other students.  Kara will be an amazing nurse!

Anna Tealdi

Anna is a student who not only excels in her studies but is also active as president of the MEPN Student Organization in Phoenix.  In addition, she participated in the Clarion Competition, signed up for Hopefest and World Health Day Wellness Market.  Anna is the epitome of a University of Arizona nursing student.

Gladys E. Sorensen: Entering the Profession Award

Rebecca Winters

Rebecca demonstrates clinical excellence. She is a representation of the wildcat values of balance, social responsibility, creativity, and excellence. Her critical thinking and problem solving ability were among the best I have seen within this cohort. She will be a stellar example of a MEPN alumna.

Anna Tealdi

Anna is part of several study groups to assist her peers with understanding concepts, disease processes and the nursing process.  She is a compassionate nursing student as evidenced by sitting with her patients in clinical "just so they talk".  Anna works well on teams and keeps others on task.

Julia Hubley Award for Clinical Excellence

Daniela Canjura

Daniela is passionate about learning and providing kind and compassionate nursing care. She focuses on the whole person and problem solves to improve health and patient satisfaction. She is hard working and greets every day and patient with a smile and a strong desire to do her very best and grow from each experience.

Jennifer Wagner

Jennifer is one of the most inquisitive students we’ve have had the pleasure to work with.  She is very thorough and detail oriented.  It is clear that she wants to learn not just to get through the program, but to offer the best care to her patients.  She will go far in her career!

MEPN Student Organization Award

Rebecca Verlaque

Rebecca has demonstrated strong critical thinking, patient advocacy and leadership skills. She seeks her own learning opportunities and continues to ask the why behind everything she does. Additionally, she offers timely and appropriate suggestions on how to improve the student experience in both clinical and classroom.

Anna Tealdi

Anna has wrung the most out of her time in MEPN as a leader in MSO and submitting for interprofessional activities outside of program requirements.  She is a calm voice and is always positive.  She will go far in her career!

Graduates: Doctoral

Angela Christine Brittain

Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing
Dissertation: Effective Communication of System-Level Events for System Health
Committee Chair: Jane Carrington

Karen Manning Britton

Doctor of Nursing Practice
DNP Project: School Nurse Workload Tool: A Quality Improvement Project
Committee Chair: Gloanna Peek

Lisa Farinelli

Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing
Dissertation: Detecting At-Risk Alcohol Drinking Behavior: Integrating Individual Cardiovascular Sign and Symptom Appraisal
Committee Chair: Barbara Brewer

Tonya King

Doctor of Nursing Practice, Family Practice
DNP Project: Increasing Primary Care Provider Knowledge and Comfort in Prescribing Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis
Committee Chair: Allen Prettyman and Robin Simon

Guadalupe Ortega

Doctor of Nursing Practice, Adult-Gerontology Acute Care
DNP Project: An Asynchronous Educational Intervention: Knowledge of Appropriateness Criteria for Diagnostic Imaging of Advanced Practice Nursing Students
Committee Chair: Patricia Daly

Alia Torfa

Doctor of Nursing Practice, Pediatrics
DNP Project: Mycophenolate REMS: Education for Pediatric Transplant Providers
Committee Chair: Sondra Raubacher

Graduates: RN-MSN

Audrey Altamirano
Rhonda Boldman
Jabrina Huguette Bucknor
Ginalyn Cecilio
Ryan Richard Elias
Yaara Geva Ellis
Laura Enright
Giovanna Fontes
Bonnie Renee Irr
Jason Randolph Johnson
Stacy Kohler
Julie Kojak
Janette Morgan
Whitney Danielle Mudd
Pablo Daniel Rivera Jr.
Shane Stovall
Brandi Sugihara
Cecilia Weining
Kody James Wheeler I

Graduates: MEPN

Brady Tyler Abbott
Amin Abtahi
Maritza Guadalupe Acosta
Kelsey Joyce Ageton
Grace Aire-Oaihimire
Erica Danielle Alvarado
James Robert Andersen
Sage Apicella
Breanna Janelle Arviso
Shelby Nicole Baker
Kara Isabelle Bank
Jestine Marks Braswell Baxter
Sierra Ariel Bichler
David L Biggs
Terra Lorena Brethwaite
Racquel C Bustamante
Jennifer Louise Campbell
Daniela Canjura
Daeleigh Genelle Castile
Jennifer Sujin Chang
Aubree Clavin
Jesse William Cordova
April Jallorina Custodio
Anna Maria De La O
Leigh Diane Deagle
Estevania Delgado
Janiece Diane Denaro
Victoria Diaz
Adrienne Marie Dillard
Brittany Danielle Dock
Michael Stephen Dow
Tayler Brooke Dykes
Jesse Ferrebee Ferrell
Jamie Nichole Flynn
Nicholas Anthony Fontana
Rachel Jacinto Frankel
Monique G Garcia
Amy Ngoc My Giang
Christina Marie Glassco
Eilishe Christine Goebel
Karen M Gonzalez
Bonnie Lynae Granroth
Abraham Somang Han
Sydney Harrison
Amanda Lauren Heady
Donnell Christopher Henry
Laura Julieta Hernandez
Kathleen Houk
Stacy Lynn Hundt
Alexandra Marie Louise Inslerman
Erika Johnson
Haley Ann Jove
Leslie Kedelty
Tyler Kelley
Tawny Ann Kelly
Brea Kern
Thao Khuong
Cindy Kim
Parker James Klinkenberg
Nicholas Paul Knapton
Ashley Nicole Kopach

Nicole Brielle Kreutzberg
William John Kunkel
Alison Stirling Kusper
Jade Yok Lau
Mackenzi Lynn Lawrence
Hoaianh Dinh Le
Mercedes Francisca Leon
Alexis Cathleen Lopez
Stephanie Noelle Low
Elizabeth Nayeli Luna
Diana Macias
Madeline Joy Maller
Jacob Marker
Teiryn Marshall
Jessica Noelle Matsubara
Andrian Q McGhee
Jonathan Lee Merken
Kaela Erin Mitchell
Kam Munozcano
Hung T Nguyen
James Alejandro Noboa
Anna Rose Normandin
Shelbi Papp
Jennifer Leigh Pauly
Layne Noelle Pearson
Matthew Poulsen
Julia Christine Powell
Paige Marie Quesenberry
Maria Eunisse Quirrin Garcia
Stephanie Carol Raminha
Molly Reed
James Thomas Reynolds
Bailey Richardson
Hannah Sophia Banks Ritchie
Stephen Luke Samson
Allison Paige Semmler
Courtney Shapiro
Joel Ross Slayton
Ethan Smith
Victoria Helen-Louise Stamper
Michael Stepita
Leah Marie Stevens
Melinda Swanson
Erica Stephan Sykut
Meredith Corea Talbert
Ana Cecilia Taylor
Anna Gabriela Tealdi
Tyson Westley Tharp
Julia Tran
Thu Truong
Vladimir Petrovich Ufimtsev
Rebecca Emma Verlaque
Kathryn Patricia Veron
Jazylin Janae Dahilig Vicencio
Jennifer Wagner
Brenna Maurine Wagy
Lauren Wasser
Emma Watson
Taylor Breanne Wicht
Rebecca Kathleen Winters
Derek D Wong

Contact Information

Office of Student Support & Community Engagement
College of Nursing, Room 112
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
(520) 626-3808 or 1-800-288-6158