DNP Clinical Placements

It is recommended that your Clinical Placement Collaboration Form be returned at least 6 months in advance of the start of the actual clinical rotation semester. You should also complete and return an updated form whenever there are significant changes and/or additions, such as program specialty changes or address/contact information updates.

Clinical Placement Collaboration Form for Nurse Practitioner Students

  • Submit your Clinical Placement Collaboration Form at least 6 months in advance of the actual clinical rotation.
    • Even if you are not able to complete all the fields in the application submit it anyway and a clinical placement coordinator will follow-up with you
  • Failure to submit the Clinical Placement Collaboration Form can result in following:
    • Limiting your available clinical preceptors or clinical sites 
    • Impact your ability to complete required clinical hours during your clinical semesters.

Clinical Placement Collaboration Form

Preceptor Information Form

  • The Preceptor Information Form is used to submit information that will be used by the clinical placement coordinator to determine if an individual meets the preceptor requirements for the DNP Program.
  • All new potential preceptors must submit a Preceptor Information Form no later than one month before the students’ scheduled clinical rotation.  

Preceptor Information Form

Contract Request Form

In the event that a clinical contact is required with your potential preceptor students’ will need to submit a contract request online JotForm.  In order to complete the online JotForm students’ will need to obtain specific information from the potential preceptor.  The Contract Questions for a Potential Preceptor document provides the questions students’ need to ask the potential prospector so that they can complete the required contract request form.

Contract Request Form Contract Questions for a Potential Preceptor

Clinical Rotation Tip Sheets

Tips & reminders for each nurse practitioner specialty's clinical sequence.


Exxat is the College of Nursing’s comprehensive clinical education management system. Exxat facilitates student placement at clinical sites, student entry of clinical experiences, evaluations, and reporting.