DNP Clinical Placements

Please refer to the information on this page frequently, as the Clinical Services page contains a great deal of valuable information and will likely answer many of the questions you may have. In fact, you should always look here first, before contacting a clinical coordinator, faculty associates, or faculty advisors.

Clinical Placement Applications

Your Clinical Placement Application MUST be returned by the date listed below, typically at least 1 year in advance of the start of the actual clinical rotation semester. You should also complete and return an updated form whenever there are significant changes and/or additions, such as program specialty changes or address/contact information updates.

Clinical management Courses Application Submission Date
615, 620a, 642a, 629a December 1st, year of program admission
616, 620b, 642b, 629b, 629c May 1st, Program Year One
693a August 1st, Program Year One

Clinical Handbooks

The current clinical handbooks for NPs and NAs are available at DNP Handbooks & Guides.

Nurse Practitioner Clinical Placement Application

Your Clinical Placement Application MUST be returned by the date listed above; typically at least 1 year in advance of the actual clinical rotation, even if you do not have the form completely filled out. This form signifies to the Clinical Placement Coordinators that you plan on being clinical the semester for which you are completing the application. Failure to submit the Clinical Placement Application form by the required date may result in no available clinical preceptor or site for you in the semester you are requesting, potentially delaying your progression through your program of study.

Clinical Placement Application

Preceptor Information Form

Each of your potential preceptors must complete the Preceptor Information Form and return it to the Office of Student Support & Community Engagement (return information on the form) as soon as possible so that credentials and preceptor suitability can be verified. This form is REQUIRED and must to be on file for each and every preceptor. The form should be updated every year to verify correct contact information.

Preceptor Information Form

Contract Request Form

In the event that a clinical contact is required with your potential preceptor students’ will need to submit a contract request online JotForm.  In order to complete the online JotForm students’ will need to obtain specific information from the potential preceptor.  The Contract Questions for a Potential Preceptor document provides the questions students’ need to ask the potential prospector so that they can complete the required contract request form.

Contract Request Form

Contract Questions for a Potential Preceptor