Biological & Behavioral Core Laboratories

Nursing Laboratories

Want to change the future of healthcare? Explore the world of nursing research.

Many people don’t realize how much nurses contribute to the knowledge base of the healthcare industry. Nursing research offers the opportunity to discover new breakthroughs and our scientists and facilities are some of the best in the country.

Our Areas of Research Excellence

Bio Lab 1

The main area in the biological lab suite.

  • Ultra-Pure Water filtration system: provides the highest quality of water to be used on extremely sensitive experiments.
  • EpMotion 5070, Eppendorf: an automatic pipetting system.
  • Quadra Tower, TomTec: accelerates a wide range of aqueous or organic workflows with unprecedented accuracy and repeatability.
  • Additional facilities: BioTek Plate washer, Magpix, Luminex, large flammables cabinet, vast benchtop space, and essential scientific equipment.

Bio Lab 2

One of many rooms within our lab which further enrich our scientific capabilities.Here we have a chemical fume hood, ice machine, Envision Multilabel Plate Reader by Perkin Elmer; spectrophotometer, several -80C freezers, -20C freezers, 4 refrigerators, and more bench space.

Bio Lab 3

This space houses our Applied Biosystem Real-Time PCR instrumentation, Eppendorf Mastercycler Pro thermal cyclers feature extremely fast heating and cooling rates, Nova pHOx Ultra: blood gas analyzer, microcentrifuge, water-baths, PowerGen 35:tissue homogenizer and a Virsonic 100: ultrasonic cell disrupter; sonicator

Bio Lab 4

This area of our lab provides your needs for sterile techniques.We have our own small autoclave, biosafety cabinet, DNA 110 SpeedVac: evaporate or concentrate your samples rapidly, and a Z1 Coulter Particle counter: counts a variety of cell types, suspensions, slurries, etc.

Bio Lab 5

This lab has its own benchtop hood only used for PCR experimentation.We also have a UVP Gel Imaging System: Use this system for imaging fluorescent gels, visible stains, autoradiograph film and colony plates. UVP™ Gel Imaging Systems include a high-resolution scientific grade camera with real-time preview and the capability to image western blots.

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