HESI Admission Assessment (HESI A2)


The College of Nursing utilizes the HESI Admission Assessment (HESI A2) in the application process for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN; both Tucson Conventional and Gilbert Integrative Health Pathways) and Master of Science, Entry for the Profession of Nursing (MS-MEPN) professional programs.

  • Sections: Math, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Biology
  • Minimum Score: must score 75% or higher in the combined score of all four sections
  • Scores Valid: scores are valid for one year, the highest average score will be used
  • Time Limit: 4 hours to take the exam
  • Cost: Varies

Additionally, the following considerations should be noted for the HESI exam:

  • The only sections needed are Reading, Vocabulary, Math, and Biology.
  • Eligible scores requires at least those 4 sections and 1 single testing attempt.
    • Score is calculated as the average amongst the 4 required sections, with a minimum score required of 75% needed (though higher is recommended).
    • Additional sections, such as Chemistry or Physiology, will not be utilized in your score average for the application
  • All applicants are allowed up to 2 attempts per application cycle, regardless of how close in time attempt #1 and #2 are.
    • Applicants cannot take the exam more than twice per application cycle
    • Applicants may utilize the highest score between all eligible attempts, rather than the most recent score.
  • HESI scores expire after 1 year and must be eligible on the deadline of the application applicants are applying for.
    • For example, a HESI score that was taken November 1, 2022 would expire November 1, 2023.


We recommend that you prepare in advance for a competitive HESI score. Admitted students reported preparing through a variety of methods, and have recommended the following resources:

  1. Evolve has an examination preparation guide available for purchase. You may also access a preparation guide through the UA Health Sciences Libraries, which has several copies on reserve. Elsevier: Evolve also provides test remediation after a first attempt for future test attempts.
  2. Quizlet, particularly the vocabulary section as well as the math section for conversion ratios.
  3. The Pocket Prep application.
  4. Using internet resources, such as googling “Free HESI Practice Exams” or using resources such as YouTube.

Testing is currently available for current and prospecting students:

  • Proctor U for online proctored testing. Open to current and prospective UA students.
  • UA Testing Office for in-person proctored testing. 

In-person (UA Testing Office):

Applicants may test in person at the UA testing office M-F 8a-5p. Payment for both the HESI exam and proctoring will be due before scheduling. Please visit https://testing.arizona.edu/hesi for more information

Online (ProctorU):

The cost for both the exam and proctoring is $60 and will be collected by ProctorU. To register for the HESI through ProctorU view this guide.

Evolve Account Process:

Step 1: Before scheduling your test Set up an account with Evolve (https://evolve.elsevier.com/cs/register Please note your Evolve username as you will need it to start your exam with the UA Testing office or ProctorU

Step 2: Follow instructions based on testing method (in-person with UA testing or online with ProctorU).   

Note: When setting up your Evolve Account a “department ID” is not required  

ProctorU Registration:

Once an Evolve account has been created, testers can then set up an account with ProctorU, pay, and schedule the HESI A2 exam.  Instructions for setting up the account as well as scheduling can be found here.

Please use the below information for reference:

Department: University of Arizona - A2 Student Pay

Term: University of Arizona

Testing Guidelines:

Online ProctorU (all current and prospective students are eligible)

Test takers who take the HESI A2 exam through ProctorU are required to follow the University of Arizona Code of Academic Integrity

Test takers must follow ProctorU guidelines for testing during testing session:

  • Pre-Check
    • Must present clear and valid ID to verify tester identity
    • (physical ID card required, pictures of ID are not accepted)
  • Testing Environment
    • Leave phone, external calculator, smart watch, and other unauthorized items outside of testing area.
    • Clear whiteboard when instructed during exam. 
    • Have no one in your testing location with you.
    • Get authorization to take breaks. 
  • Technology
    • Keep ears free of earbuds
    • Have camera and audio on
    • Have an unobstructed view of your face

Test sessions are recorded by ProctorU and are subject to review by both ProctorU and the UArizona College of Nursing. UArizona College of Nursing will not accept HESI exam scores who do not follow the above guidelines.

Test takers requesting accommodations including but not limited to text to speech, extended time, earplugs, etc. must:

  • Secure documentation from home university/college disability resource center including:
    • Test Taker’s name
    • Test Taker’s email address
    • Scheduled exam date(s)
    • Requested accommodations
  • Send documentation to con-osaa@arizona.edu
  • Submit accommodation request at least 5 business days prior to scheduled exam. Requests received after this date may not be approved in time for test date.

Students found to be using accommodations without prior approval will be flagged for academic integrity.

Note: requested accommodations are for HESI A2 exam only; not for UArizona BSN or MS-MEPN Programs


HESI Admission Assessment Instructions. Applicable for Applications due for all deadlines