Deferral Policy for BSN, BSN-IH, and MEPN Programs

Deferment requests can be submitted for newly admitted College of Nursing Students who are unable to enroll in their designated program for original admission term.  Deferments are granted under limited circumstances which include:

  • Health/Medical
  • Military Service
  • Visa/Relocation Complications
  • Religious Mission
  • Financial Challenge

The admission deferment guarantees admission to an applicant’s designated program for up to one academic year. For any academic program with more than one annual entry point, applicants may defer less than a year. Due to clinical site scheduling and availability, academic programs may determine a different start date for approved deferrals. Applicants who are out longer than one year will need to reapply to their program.

Applicants can only be approved for a deferral once. Once approved, the terms of the deferral cannot be altered or extended.

Students are only eligible for deferment if they are not planning to enroll in college coursework at another post-secondary institution.

Individuals already admitted to the University of Arizona AND have taken courses with the university in past academic year may need to seek a leave of absence. Please review the following “Leave of Absence” policies to determine if you need to submit a request.

BSN and BSN-IH Transfer Admits Only:

Newly admitted transfer students will need to request deferment through the University of Arizona via their Future Wildcat Account. A full list of steps to request a deferment is located at here.

Note: Receiving a deferral from the College of Nursing does not guarantee a Leave of Absences and/or New Admit deferrals from the University of Arizona.

Deferment Request Process

Individuals seek to request deferment, will need to complete a Deferral Request Form.

Submitted forms will be reviewed by CON staff and faculty; students will be notified of the deferment decision within 14 business days of submission via email.

Deferment decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

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Approved by APS on 5.10.2021