2023-09-08 Statement on College of Nursing Doctoral Student Seminar

Sept. 8, 2023

The College of Nursing does not recommend or advocate for young children to be asked gender-related questions in wellness checks. The college does not have a policy or position on this issue and does not integrate this type of training or education into its curriculum. The college teaches that practitioners should always work with the parents and guardians and with their permission, within their scope of the practice, and in alignment with the employing organization’s guidance when treating pediatric patients.                     

The slides in question were from a 40-minute session on complex issues nurse practitioners face in clinical practice for the purpose of encouraging discussion, analysis and evaluation. The sessions are designed to give students the opportunity to engage with professionals on a wide variety of topics they may encounter in the field. The slides were presented to 31 Doctor of Nursing Practice students, all of whom are already practicing nurses, during three days of seminars held during the final semester of the doctoral program. The material is not provided to undergraduate nursing students.

The seminars are intended to teach students to think critically, a skill that will enable them to be effective health care providers. The College of Nursing faculty members share evidence-based information, but do not recommend any specific practice guidelines related to gender-related issues. Students are taught that providers need to choose their own approach to such issues.