Sondra Raubacher

Sondra Raubacher

Clinical Assistant Professor, Nursing



CONTACT INFORMATION_______________________________________________________

Address University of Arizona College of Nursing

1305 N. Martin P.O. Box 210203

Tucson, Az 85721

Phone (520)626-2485



Dates Institution Degree Conferred

2016-2018 Duke University Doctor of Nursing Practice

School of Nursing

Doctor of Nursing Practice Project: Using a Model of Diffusion in Practice

Change: Alternatives to Rice Cereal.

1986-1990 Wayne State University Master of Science in Nursing

Master’s Thesis: Adolescent Sexuality: Who are the role models and educators?

1980-1984 Madonna College Bachelor of Science in Nursing

ACADEMIC APPOINTMENTS_____________________________________________________

Dates Institution Rank or Title

2018 The University of Arizona Clinical Assistant Professor

College of Nursing

2014-2015 University of Michigan Clinical Faculty

College of Nursing

2010-2011 Madonna University Assistant Professor School of Nursing

2002-2002 Wayne State University PNP Course Coordinator/Instructor

School of Nursing

2002 Baker College Clinical Assistant Professor

School of Nursing

2000-2001 Samuel Merritt College Assistant Professor

School of Nursing

1992-1999 Madonna University Assistant Professor

School of Nursing

1991-1994 Wayne State University Lecturer

School of Nursing

CLINICAL/PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYMENT_______________________________________

Dates Institution Role

2010-2017 Integrative Health Associates PNP

Plymouth, Michigan

2004-2009 Concordia International School PNP

Shanghai, China

2004- 2009 Cartus Cooperation PNP

Shanghai, China

1991-2004 Integrative Health Associates PNP

Plymouth, Michigan

1989-1991 Children’s Hospital of Buffalo PNP

Buffalo, New York

1989 Northern Teen Health Center PNP

Detroit, Michigan

1987-1989 Oakland County Health Department RN, Public Health Nurse

Oakland, California Program Developer and Coordinator

1987-1989 Henry Ford Hospital RN, Community Health Nurse

Detroit, Michigan Children with special needs

1985-1987 Tri-County Home Health Care RN, Community Health Nurse Southfield, Michigan

1985 Beaumont Hospital Staff Nurse, NICU

Royal Oak, Michigan

1984 Children’s Hospital of Michigan Staff Nurse, Kidney Transplant and

Detroit, Michigan Dialysis


2018- Arizona Advanced Practice Nurse Arizona Board of Nursing

2018- Arizona Registered Nurse License Arizona Board of Nursing

1999- California Registered Nurse License California Board of Nursing

1984- Michigan Registered Nurse License Michigan Board of Nursing

1990- Michigan Advanced Practice Nurse Michigan Board of Nursing

1990-2004 Pediatric Health Nurse Practitioner American Nurses Credentialing Center

1999- Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Pediatric Nursing

Certification Board

HONORS AND AWARDS__________________________________________________________

1988 Graduate Scholar, Wayne State University

1991 Child Advocate Award, Roberto Clemente Health Center

1995 Excellence in Teaching, Wayne State University

1995 Legislative Excellence Award, NAPNAP

2000 Caring for Children Angel Award, Madonna University

2007 Excellence in Teaching, Shanghai, China


2005-2009 Community Center Shanghai, China, PRC. Board Member

2007 -2008. English Teacher Tangsi Migrant School, Shanghai, China, PRC.

2004-2009 Volunteer nurse for Concordia International School, Shanghai, China.

2006-2009 Development of Medical home for Orphans – Board Member

2004-2009 Giving Tree – Collaboration with Chinese Government and Community Center

Shanghai, China, Board Member.

SERVICE/OUTREACH: STATE/LOCAL____________________________________________

1990- 1996 National Association of Pediatric Nurse Associates and Practitioners – Legislative Chair

2003- 2004 Joy Southfield Development Corporation; Development of Community Health Center - Board Member

2002- 2004 Michigan Coalition for Nurse Practitioners – Liason for Wayne State University

1988- 1989 March of Dimes – Michigan Eastern Region – Health Professional Advisory Committee Research Grant Review Panel

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS______________________________________________

National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculty (NONPF)

American Nurses Association (ANA)

Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI)

Sigma Theta Tau Beta Epsilon Chapter (STT)

Beta Epsilon Chapter (STT)

National Association of Pediatric Nurse Associates and Practitioners (NAPNAP)

Arizona Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (AZNAPNAP)

The Southern Arizona Association of Advance Practice Nurses

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

National League of Nursing (NLN)

Duke Alumni Association


Epublications and Media

2003 Speaker on WJR News Radio Health Mind and Body, “Nurse Practitioners roles and practice” Detroit, Michigan.

1994 Detroit News – Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Roles.


(* Quality Improvement Focused Projects)


Raubacher, S. (2010). Seminar Jianan Shandong Province, China. “Current Issues: American Health Care System.” Joint venture MBA program Madonna University Shandong University, China.

Raubacher, S. (2008, 2009). Immunizations and Transitioning your family to a foreign country, Shanghai 1,2, 3. Shanghai, China.

Raubacher, S. (2009). Cross Cultural Training, Shanghai, China.


Raubacher, S. (1999). Transitioning: creating a partnership to address unmet needs of a middle school. Cleveland State University National Nursing Conference “Community Based Curriculum.”


Raubacher, S. (1998). Collaborative Service-Learning Project Cities and Schools, Detroit Public Schools, Madonna University College of Nursing *

Raubacher, S. (1998). “Roll up Your Sleeves Campaign” Joint venture Michigan Health Department, Providence Hospital and Detroit Cities and Schools; Coffee Middle School Detroit, Michigan *

Raubacher, S. (1989). Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program Michigan Department of Public Health Advisory Board – “Who are the Role Models and Educators” *

Raubacher, S. (1988). Parenting seminar training. March of Dimes, Detroit, Michigan. *

Raubacher, S. (1988). AIDS lesson plan for intermediate school districts. Royal Oak Schools, Royal Oak, Michigan. *

Raubacher, S. (1990). Adolescent Sexuality: Who are the Role Models and Educators? St. Vincent Sarah Fisher Center, Detroit Michigan. *

Raubacher, S. (1990). Adolescent Sexuality: Who are the Role Models and Educators? Madison Height TIP Program, Madison Heights Michigan.

Raubacher, S. (1990). Adolescent Sexuality: Who are the Role Models and Educators? SHARE Advisory Committee.

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Raubacher, S. (1992). Faculty Practice Plan, Madonna University, Livonia, Michigan. *

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Raubacher, S. (1994). Adolescent Sexuality and Self Esteem. Wayne State University Public Middle School parent night and student body during human sexuality week. *

Raubacher, S. (1994). Adolescent Sexuality and Self Esteem. Bishop Foley High School. *

Raubacher, S. (2000). Kerrie’s Kids Foundation/Samuel Merritt College Health Clinic and Henry Robinson Family Shelter, Oakland, California. *

Raubacher, S. (2000). American Lung Association and Oakland Unified School District “Open Airways.” *

Raubacher, S. (2000). Collaborative Service-Learning Samuel Merritt College and Oakland Unified School District Health Education.



2003 Lippincott Williams and Wilkins Content Expert


2001 NuXI at Large Sigma Theta Tau. Raubacher, S. (PI). “Outcomes of a Community Based Education in a Pediatric Nursing Curriculum.” *

Funded $500.00

2000 Dolenga and Dolenga. Raubacher, S. (PI). “Identification of Child Abuse.” Funded. $1000.00

1999 Edgehill International Exchange. Raubacher, S. (PI). “Spiritual needs assessment of the pediatric patient”.

Funded. $1000.00

1999 Orchard Childrens Services Foster Kids. Raubacher, S. (PI). “Needs Assessment for Healthcare Services for Foster Children.

Funded. $1000.00

1996 Willingham and Cote. Raubacher, S. (Expert witness). “Child Abuse Review.” Funded. $3000.00

1995 Delmar Publishers (Content Expert)

Funded. $100.00

1994 University Public Middle School, School Based Health Center, Wayne State University and Michigan Department of Public Health (PI). Development and implementation of new school-based clinic. *

Funded. $109,840.00

1994 Palm Pilot Software for NP Program Wayne State University. Program development.

Funded. $1500.00

1994 Bishop High School, Royal Oak, MI Human Sexuality Program. Development and Implementation of Human Sexuality Program for high school. *

Funded. $1000.00

1993 Children’s Hospital of Michigan. Needs Assessment of utilization of advanced practice nurses. *

Funded. $5000.00


1988-1989 Grant Coordinator. Michigan Department of Public Health.

“Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program” *

Funded. $50, 000.00

Quality Improvement Initiatives:

1. Coordinated American Lung Association “Open Airways” program and Oakland Schools to utilize BSN students in educating children with asthma in elementary schools. Program was developed based on a needs assessment-i.e. three children died the year prior from asthma and lack of education in Hmong and Hispanic families (2000).

2. Coordinated efforts of Kerrie’s Foundation Van out of Children’s Hospital of Oakland, to develop a clinic inside Robinson Family Shelter, which provided intake physicals, immunizations and minor illnesses for children (70+ in no.) living in transitional housing in Oakland, California (2000).

3. Developed a program to educate Bishop Foley high school students on sexuality and sexually transmitted diseases (1994).

4. Developed and provided education to University Public Middle school students on human sexuality, and prevention of sexually transmitted disease (1994).

5. Conducted Needs Assessment on the best utilization of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners in Children’s Hospital of Michigan (1993).

6. Developed Check-list to identify children at risk at Coffee Middle School in Detroit and referred to local services for both medical and psycho-social needs (1998).

7. Worked with Detroit Cities In Schools and coordinated efforts for Middle School, health department and local community hospital to implement Hepatitis B immunization program (1998).

8. Developed and taught an education program for Oakland County teachers on common URI’s in children and prevention of transmission in schools (1992).

9. Developed committee and provided the literature review and model from Vanderbilt University on maintaining certification of nurse practitioners through adaption of faculty practice plan Madonna University (1992).

10. PI of teen pregnancy prevention program, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services grant implementation for Oakland county, developed advisory board to work on prevention strategies, and coordinating of efforts of pregnant and parenting teens (1989).

11. Taught parenting class for at risk families for March of Dimes (1988).

12. Implemented education program for elementary school for teachers and staff in working with children with AIDS and blood-borne pathogens in the classroom (1988).

13. Implemented parent education program in elementary school on AIDS (1988).


Term Course Title Role _ # students(approx.)

Fall 2018 NURS 693 DNP residency PNP faculty 12

Spring 2019 NURS 642a Care of the Well Chair 8

Child and Adolescent

Summer 2019 NURS 642b Primary Care of Acute Chair 8 and Chronic Conditions

in Children


Term Course Title Role _____

Fall NUR 726 Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning Chair

in Advanced Practice Nursing with

Women, Neonates, and Children

Fall NUR727 Synthesis of Knowledge Foundational to Chair

Advanced Practice Nursing with Women,

Neonates, and Children

Fall NUR728 Application of Knowledge Foundational to Chair

Advanced Practice Nursing with Women,

Neonates, and Children

Fall NUR729 Validation of Advanced Practice Nursing Chair

Model with Women, Neonates, and Children

Fall NUR 6510 Health Policy, Economics and Professional Chair

Issues for Advanced Practice Nurses

Spring NUR 322 Nursing Care of Children Chair


Term Course Title Role _____

Fall NUR 495 Senior Nursing Seminar Chair

Spring NUR 493 Senior Nursing Practicum Chair

Spring NUR 425 Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing Pediatrics Chair

Spring NUR 331 Community and Family Chair

Spring NUR 303 Health Assessment across the Life Span Chair

Fall NUR 427 Junior Nursing Seminar Chair

Fall NUR 422 Community Health Chair

Spring NUR 457 Health Promotion Chair

Fall NUR 227 Freshman Nursing Seminar Chair

Fall NUR 322 Therapeutics Chair

Fall NUR 345 Parenting Families Chair

Fall NUR 208 Health Assessment Chair

BUS 6740 Seminar Chair

NUR 4730 Nursing Leadership in Organizations and Chair


NUR 4950 Nursing Senior Seminar Chair

NUR 4750 Community Health Nursing Roles Chair


Term Course Title Role _____

Fall NUR 190 Senior Synthesis Clinical Chair

Spring NUR 154 Nursing Care of Infant, Child and Youth Chair


Fall NUR 125 Health Assessment Chair

Spring NUR 306 Primary Health Care II Management of Acute Chair

and Emergent Illness


Term Course Title Role

Fall NUR 161 Nursing Care of Children and Their Families Chair

GRADUATE STUDENT MENTORSHIP_____________________________________

Committee Member for DNP Projects: The University of Arizona College of Nursing

2019 Special Member, DNP committee member for six committees.

2019 DNP Project Chair for four committees.

Committee Member for Master’s Project: Samuel Merritt

2001 Susan Webb: The influence of family functioning on pediatric asthma outcomes