Plan for Academic Student Success (PASS)

The Plan for Academic Student Success (PASS) is a collaborative effort between faculty and student to address any area of academic or clinical concern that may impede a student’s progression in the nursing program. Together, faculty and student create a plan, identifying a course of action to support the student in regaining good standing in the course/program. It is the student’s responsibility to follow the plan or work with faculty to revise it as appropriate.


  1. Faculty will email a copy of the plan to the student, using read & delivery receipt, with the Academic Success Coach (ASC) cc’d on the email.
  2. The student will sign and return the form via email to their faculty.
  3. Faculty will forward the signed form to the ASC and retain a copy of the read & delivery receipt.
  4. The ASC will save this document in the student’s record in the Office of Student Success and Community Engagement (OSSCE).