Panopto is the university's video streaming and lecture capture platform. It accomplishes several core tasks:

  • Record your classroom. (Students can watch the recordings for reviewing difficult materials before major assessments.)
  • Record mini-lectures or introductions for your course and embed them in D2L.
  • Live stream study sessions with students chatting questions to you.
  • Have students create their own recordings of themselves, items outside of the classroom, or events and then upload them to your Panopto Assignment Folder via the D2L integration.

For more information, see the Office of Instruction & Assessment (OIA)'s Panopto page.

What is a Panopto drop box?
A Panopto drop box is a sub-folder created by the instructor that students may use to upload videos or recordings, such as ‘voiceover PowerPoints.’

Why would an instructor want create a Panopto drop box?

  • To allow students to download the Panopto software, make recordings, and then upload their recordings.
  • To store recordings that the instructor does not wish to be made public until some future date.

Only the instructor sees all the recordings in the drop box. Students will see only the videos or recordings they have uploaded, no one else’s. To share a recording in the drop box, the person uploading the recording may share the link or the instructor may move the recording to the parent folder.

  1. Navigate to your Panopto Recordings folder. This folder is referred to as the ‘parent’ folder.
  2. Select the ‘gear’ symbol, which represents Folder Options.
  3. Under Overview, select Create Drop Box.
  4. Drop Box folder is immediately created.
  5. Exit this screen to return to the Panopto recordings folder.
  6. In the far left column, if you expand your Panopto folder (i.e., parent folder) by clicking on the triangle, you will see your drop box listed.
  7. Select Folder name [drop box] to navigate to the empty drop box folder. Students can navigate to this drop box folder from which they can download Panopto software. Refer your students to the Help file, How to Download Panopto

    When students have completed their videos or recordings, they may upload them to this same drop box. Refer your students to the Help file, Students: How to Upload a File to Panopto.

  8. Instructors may view all recordings in the drop box. However, students are only permitted to see their own recordings—no one else’s. 

    To share a recording in the drop box, the instructor may move it to the parent folder. Please see the Help file on How to Move Panopto Recordings. While this Help file addresses moving a recording to a folder located in another semester, you use the same process to move a recording from the drop box folder to the parent folder.


    Either the instructor or the student who created the recording may share the link with others. 

    To share a link, move your mouse pointer over the name of the recording to see the option, Share. Click on Share. Copy the link displayed in the the Share linkbox and paste to the desired location.

  1. Log in to D2L; navigate to your course page.
  2. Go to the Content section.
  3. Select Add a module... Provide a name such as, ‘Lecture Recordings’
  4. Select Add a description… Click on Extra Components button.
  5. Click on Insert Quicklink button
  6. Click on the drop down arrows and fill out the pop-up box as illustrated below. Then select Insert:
  7. Copy and paste the following text in the description box under the link captionCLICK HERE to view class recordings, to assist students in viewing Panopto videos:

    NOTES on viewing recordings:

    Panopto uses Silverlight. If you do not have Silverlight installed on your computer you will be prompted to install it the firsts time you try to watch a recording.

    Internet Explorer blocks Panopto logins. Please use a different browser such as FirefoxChrome, or Safari. I recommend Firefox because Panopto's podcast recordings can be viewed right inside Firefox by selecting 'Subscribe to RSS' from the orange 'Subscribe' button in the upper right hand corner of the Panopto window.
    Sometimes, due to network variability, Panopto’s streaming videos will look 'blocky' or 'blurry.' If you find this to be a consistent problem, you can subscribe to the podcast versions of your class recordings:

    1. Select the folder for your class
    2. Click the Subscribe (orange) button in the upper right corner of the Panopto window.

    Further Resources:

  8. The D2L page will look like the screen capture below
  9. Select Update.
  10. Finally, to make content visible to your students, select Published.
  11. Finally, to make a recording, the Panopto software needs to be downloaded to your computer. When you click on the Panopto url you have set up in your D2L class module (i.e., CLICK HERE to view class recordings), you will directed to a downloads window from which you download the software. See below.
  12. After the software has been downloaded, you may Launch Panopto. See above.

    Use the shortcut on your desk top. At the Log In screen (see below), select Log in with UA NetID. Once logged in, you will see the Recording window.

    Or, you may access Panopto through D2L by logging in, navigating to your course and then to the Lecture Recordings module you created. Click on the URL 
    (CLICK HERE to view class recordings) and you will see your Panopto recordings folder. From there, select in the upper right to go to the Recording window. 

    NOTE: All recordings remain on your computer until you upload them to D2L where your students may view them.