Clicker Technology

(for Faculty): Printing Reports

Reports can be generated for an individual session—they do not show all participants with all scores for all quizzes. The reports will show all participants, but only the responses for that particular session. However, they may be useful, nevertheless.

  1. Start the TurningPoint application.
  2. Go to the Manage tab.
  3. Select the session by clicking (once) on it.
  4. At the lower right, select Reports.
  5. At the top right, select the kind of report: Results by Question, Results by Participant, Results Detail, Results by Demographic, Comparative Results, Session Log
  6. Then for each type of report, there are various options.
  7. Then you can ‘Preview’ or ‘Print’ the report. (Or even export it to a file.)

If you need to specific data to copy and paste (to a student, for example), you can use the ‘Snipping Tool’ to take a snapshot, then copy and paste that information into a document or email.

FFor Faculty: How-to Set Up Turning Technologies clicker registration in your D2L course

  1. Log in to D2L; navigate to your course page.
  2. Add a News item, by clicking on the down arrow to the right of News.
  3. Select New News Item.
  4. Enter a news Headline, such as Register your clickers!
  5. Under Content,enter these registration instructions for students. 

    Please note:

    1. Log into your into your own D2L account (your name should appear in the upper right)
    2. Please make sure you enter the security code at the bottom of the registration window
    3. Finally, review that your device ID has been correctly entered and press the Final Submission button in the confirmation window
  6. Click on Insert Quicklink button
  7. Click on the drop down arrows and fill out the pop-up box as illustrated below. Then select Insert:
  8. The D2L News Item edit page will look like the screen capture below:
  9. Select Update.
  10. To make content visible to your students, select Published
  11. Your students will see the news item on Course Home as something like this:
    When students click on the hot link, CLICK HERE to register your clicker device, they will be taken to the Turning Technologies clicker registration window.