Biological Core Laboratory

The Biological Core Laboratory consists of several individual laboratories and workstations, which in combination accommodate numerous faculty and graduate students who are conducting individual or collaborative research projects. No animal work is done in this laboratory.

The Biological Core Laboratory includes:

  • Two biochemistry laboratories
  • A laboratory equipped for cell culture
  • A histology laboratory
  • A genetics laboratory
  • A molecular biology laboratory
  • A large shared space containing multi-user equipment and a large table and chairs


Contact Susan Whitman at for access to the Biological Sciences Laboratory. Evidence of an approved protocol and required training are needed for access.

Training Requirements

*Note: Only required if you have taken the General Laboratory Chemical Safety Training before April 1, 2013. The current version of the training includes sufficient information on GHS to satisfy the OSHA training requirements.

Additional information about the training can be obtained from Susan Whitman at

Upon completion of all training, either email or give hard copies of all certificates to Susan Whitman to have on file in the laboratory. Keycard access to the lab will then be requested for you.