Six UA College of Nursing Faculty Honored as 2018 Tucson Fab 50 Nurses

May 14, 2018

As part of National Nurses Week (May 6-12), held in honor of the largest health-care workforce in the United States, six nurse leaders from the University of Arizona College of Nursing were honored by their peers during an annual 2018 Tucson Fabulous 50 Nurses gala held by the Tucson Nurses’ Week Foundation on Saturday, May 12. 

The 21st annual event is the city's capstone celebration to National Nursing Week and is sponsored by the Tucson Nurses Week Foundation. The Fabulous 50 nurses were chosen from throughout the Tucson area by their peers for their role modeling and mentoring of others, concern for humanity and their contributions to the Tucson community and the profession of nursing.

UA College of Nursing ‘Fabulous 50’ Nurses:

Carolina Baldwin, DNP, RN, CCRN, Clinical Assistant Professor

“I am humbled at the thought someone noticed my work and took the time to nominate me for this very prestigious award. It is difficult to put into words the sense of accomplishment I feel at entering the ranks of outstanding nurses who have won the Fab 50 award. My hope is to inspire others as I have been inspired by past awardees.” 

Michelle Kahn-John, PhD, RN, PMHNP-BC, GNPDNP, RN, CCRN, Assistant Professor

“I’m grateful and honored to be recognized as one of Tucson’s 2018 Fab 50 nurses.  The Fab 50 honor was certainly a surprise and motivates me to continue my work with teaching, mentoring and research.  I’m also truly thankful to work with and collaborate with Fabulous nurse colleagues here at the UA College of Nursing.”  

Mary Koithan, PhD, RN, CNS-BC, FAAN, Associate Dean, Professional/Community Engagement, Associate Professor

“Being recognized by peers for leadership and innovation as well as a commitment to the profession is very special. These are the folks who see you every single day, those you work alongside.  They see you at your best as well as your worst and are willing to forgive the missteps to see your potential. I’m incredibly grateful for their support and am feel honored to be one of the many UA CON Fab 50s.”

Mary O’Connell, MA, RN, PHN, Senior Lecturer

“I feel honored and privileged to receive the Fab 50 award, given the breadth of other accomplishments, life experiences and their overall desire to serve others. I am fortunate to be recognized among so many well-educated individuals and giving members of our community.”

Linda Perez, M Admin, RN, Senior Lecturer

“I am privileged and proud to be selected to stand among all the other fabulous nurses that have been honored since 1995. We have many fabulous nurses in Tucson and we all do so much for our community in different ways. I often don’t see the work I do as special because it is not about me, but about how to make it better for others. That is my life’s mission and I am honored to be viewed in the same light as so many others that emphasizes professionalism, education, research, and personal vitality.”

Carrie Silvers, MSN, RN

"Receiving the Fabulous 50 Award for my many years as a nurse is a great honor. I think what is most flattering to me is that one of my friends and colleagues took time to nominate me for the award."