Integrative Nursing Fellowship

Create Integrative Curriculum with a Nationally Recognized, First-Of-Its-Kind Fellowship.

Integrative Nursing Fellowship

Prepare for the future of health care by learning the science, theory and practice of integrative health.

Thank you for your interest in the INF program.  Given the uncertainty of the current situation, we have decided to cancel the 2020 – 2021 INF Cohort.  Please check back in December, 2020, for information about the 2021 – 2022 INF Cohort.  We wish good health to you and your family.

About the Fellowship

Established in 2016, the Integrative Nursing Fellowship is the first program in the world to provide integrative nursing curriculum development to nurse educators.  Our goal is to help improve health outcomes, patient experiences, and provider wellbeing while reducing overall healthcare costs.

Our unique 12-month fellowship allows you to:

  • Become an expert consultant for institutions seeking an integrative health and wellness approach.
  • Improve health outcomes with the implementation of integrative practices for enhanced wellbeing.
  • Expand your knowledge of national standards in integrative nursing core competencies.
  • Respond to the global demand for cost-effective, safe, and responsive health interventions.


Two residential intensives (at the beginning and end of the program), three online courses with a guided teaching practicum at your site, regular open-discussion salons and demonstrated teaching proficiency in two integrative therapies. Fellows who complete all required learning activities are eligible for approximately 170 contact hours of continuing nursing education (CNE)

During the two, three-day residential intensives, you will interact with integrative health experts and collaborate with colleagues on your plans for implementing change in your nursing curriculum.

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(approx. 10-20 contact hours of CNE/Intensive)

Online Course

Part I provides the philosophical and theoretical foundations of integrative nursing and includes discourse about the six integrative nursing principles. Integrative therapeutic modalities are explored. You will complete an individual wellness assessment and select a therapy to apply to your own health and wellbeing.

(approx. 40 contact hours of CNE)

Online Course

Develop integrative assessment tools and symptom management plans using case studies, discussion, and your own symptom-management journey. Additionally, you will work as a group to refine current nursing competencies, scope and standards, and measurable clinical behaviors to align with the integrative nursing framework.

(approx. 44 contact hours of CNE)

Online Course

Part III prepares you to engage in the paradigm shift required to transform nursing curriculum across settings. Analysis of current content, planning for change, and development of educator skills required to transform teaching-learning are the primary focus.

(approx. 40 contact hours of CNE)

Online Guidance with On-site Implementation

Building upon Part III, during this mentored practicum you will implement and evaluate integrative nursing methods in the educational setting. You must have influence over a nursing course or other learning activity in order to complete the teaching practicum.

(approx. 40 contact hours of CNE)

In-person and Online

The art of discussion is not lost. In the tradition of European intellectual life, you will meet regularly to exchange innovative ideas in informal gatherings, called salons, with your Fellowship cohort. Discussions surrounding key aspects of Fellowship coursework, health and wellbeing, and strategies for implementing integrative nursing into nursing education are featured. Salons take place in-person during the two Residential intensives and online throughout the Fellowship.

Explore and immerse yourself in two integrative therapeutics/modalities to strengthen your curriculum revitalization and leadership potential. Through didactic and experiential training, you will learn how to integrate your therapeutic experiences into the teaching-learning environment. Collaboration with expert integrative providers is encouraged.

Interested in the 2020 INF?

“I have been practicing nursing since 1991 and as a nurse practitioner since 1998. I wanted to learn more about integrative nursing and I came to the program thinking about all the actions I could take if I had more “alternative” treatments to pull out of my toolbox. What I realize now is that while actions are part of care, building relationships and walking with our patients toward healing is really what I want to achieve with my patients, my students and my own practice.”

Rebecca Nagle (2017-2018 Cohort), University of Vermont