Inclusive Excellence

Our Pursuit of Excellence through Diversity

In our 60-year quest to continually build better futures, inclusive excellence propels us to value diversity and practice inclusiveness. At the center of inclusive excellence is the recognition and acceptance of the diverse talents, worldviews, perceptions, cultures and skills that varied individuals and groups bring to our college.

We champion diversity as a core value central to our college mission. We are committed to encompassing diversity and inclusion within our many educational, discovery and clinical practice endeavors. We strive for diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, sex, age, sexual preferences, religious and spiritual thought, language, abilities/disabilities, socioeconomic status, educational backgrounds and geographic regions of origin.

We value variety in life experiences and circumstances. We celebrate students, alumni, friends, faculty and staff who demonstrate a commitment to their communities and those who reside or provide care in rural, inner-city and other medically-underserved populations within Arizona and across the globe.

As citizens of the University of Arizona College of Nursing, we believe that modeling comprehensive inclusiveness broadens perspectives, generates tolerance and acceptance, combats negative stereotyping and enhances our ability to provide outstanding health care for all.


Diversity Matters Series
The University of Arizona Health Sciences Office of Diversity and Inclusion hosts quarterly discussions to reflect on and promote diversity. The series encourages dialogue and exploration of the various dimensions of diversity and why it matters.

Traditional Blessing Ceremony
This American Indian ceremony recognizes incoming American Indian/Alaskan Native students entering any of the four health professions schools at the University of Arizona. This event is held at the beginning of the Fall Semester.

Traditional Honoring Ceremony
This American Indian ceremony celebrates the accomplishments of American Indian/Alaskan Native students graduating from any of the four health professions schools at the University of Arizona. The event is held only once a year in the late Spring Semester.

Health Equity in Practice

Improving Cancer Care Delivery for the Tohono O’odham People
We are an active partner in the Tohono O’odham Cancer Partnership (TOCP), providing leadership in the development, delivery and evaluation of the new Tohono O’odham Cancer Navigation Program. TOCP is a grant-funded, community-tribal partnership initiative that develops interventions, policies and materials that strengthen the ability of the Nation to reduce the incidence and prevalence of cancer, improve the quality care delivered to individuals and families affected by cancer and reduce cancer care disparities in this population.