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As a College, we strive to exemplify excellence in research, teaching, and community service. Inclusive Excellence achieves merit in these areas by embracing and demonstrating diversity, equity, and inclusiveness as embedded values of our institution. Inclusive Excellence infuses diversity, equity, and inclusiveness into academic excellence to create a singular purpose that all members of the College community are responsible for upholding.

Inclusive Excellence seeks to create an equitable learning and working environment for all, including (but not limited to) differences in disability, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, religion or religious beliefs, disability, race/ethnicity, nationality, veteran status, family structures, geographic locations, immigrant and refugee status, language, socioeconomic status, and other identities/affiliations that are part of our College community. Additionally, Inclusive Excellence advances areas of the organization that comprise (but are not limited to) demographics; financial resources; marketing and recruitment; enrollment, admissions, and retention; student learning and diverse student learning outcomes; student advising; curricula, teaching, and pedagogy; policies;   leadership; training; technology; campus climate; administration; hiring, promotion, and tenure; and institutional evaluation.

The Dean at the University of Arizona College of Nursing (UAzCON) has charged the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I) Task Force to engage the UAzCON community in developing and/or making recommendations to improve individual and systemic inequities to advance Inclusive Excellence within our organization. As the ED&I Task Force, we wish to draw upon the diverse and rich backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, talents, and cultures that students, staff, faculty, and alumni embody to optimize educational and social outcomes.

The ED&I Task Force seeks input and feedback on advising and providing regular updates to the Dean; the Administrative, Staff, and Faculty Councils; the Strategic Planning Committee; and the broader UAzCON community.

The Task Force will develop, recommend, and implement strategies in the following four key areas (pillars). These pillars will address opportunities for advancing Inclusive Excellence across the UAzCON:

Faculty/Staff Initiatives
Student Initiatives
Admissions/Curriculum Initiatives
Community Engagement Initiatives

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