Carrie S Silvers

Carrie S Silvers , MSN, RN


Carrie Silvers is a clinical instructor and course chair in the RN-MS program. At 15, she began her nursing career as a candy striper volunteer at the military hospital on Offutt Air Force Base. At 17, she spent many days and nights at the bedside of her dear friend who suffered a spinal cord injury in a diving accident. His nursing staff became her inspiration.


While Ms. Silvers’ professional nursing background has focused mainly on critical care, nursing leadership and quality and safety have always been at the forefront. Her career has included a variety of work environments ranging from bedside nurse in critical care to flight nurse to Intensive Care Unit manager. As a manager, she successfully increased patient, nurse and physician satisfaction by using evidence-based interprofessional highly effective teambuilding techniques. She led teams of nurses, respiratory therapists, speech therapists and physical therapists to create a PICC line team and a rehab team that specialized in cardiovascular rehabilitation, and created policy and budgets for her teams.


As a nurse leader, Ms. Silvers knows that in order to facilitate change, nurses need to speak up. She is committed to inspiring and mentoring nurses into leadership roles and to become the patient’s advocate and spokesperson through integrity, sincerity and honesty. Her dream is to be an integral part of creating the optimum nursing work environment.