Clinical Event Communications Management System

Dr. Jane Carrington, one of the College’s foremost nursing informatics experts, participated in the 2017 Coulter College Commercializing Innovation (C3i) program to develop CECAMS (Clinical Event Communication Management System). Designed as an early detection tool for change in status of the six events Dr. Carrington explores – fever, pain, bleeding, changes in output, changes in the respiratory status and changes in level of consciousness – CECAMS helps shield patients from a failure to rescue or unexpected death. The innovative algorithm and interface monitors the patient and triggers an alert when a clinical event is imminent or occurring. Thanks to her participation in the C3i program and advice from investors, business advisors, consultants and marketers, Dr. Carrington formed a company, Quantum Communication Tools, which will help usher CECAMS from the bench to the bedside and ultimately commercialization.