Biological Sciences Laboratory

The Biological Sciences Laboratory consists of several individual laboratories and workstations, which in combination accommodate numerous faculty and graduate students who are conducting individual or collaborative research projects. No animal work is done in this laboratory.

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Applied Clinical Sciences Laboratory

The Applied Clinical Sciences Laboratory consists of designated space for faculty and graduate students to conduct clinical research involving human subjects. There are rooms to conduct research protocols as well as rooms for large and small group meetings.

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Roundtable on Health Literacy

On July 9, 2015, the Roundtable on Health Literacy held a workshop featuring invited presentations and discussions of the effect of low health literacy on all aspects of palliative care. The workshop covered end-of-life and advanced illness care models and other areas of interest within palliative care. It also included the interaction between patients, families and providers, as well as the knowledge of palliative care and its principles among providers.

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