Dr. Mary Koithan: New Article in Nursing Science Quarterly

Jul 13, 2017

"From its earliest beginnings, nursing has been a discipline focused on caring and healing from a holistic perspective...People are dynamic, individualistic, and complex and, as such, cannot be reduced to diagnoses, symptoms, and deviations from norms. Caring for the 'whole person' requires attentiveness to the indivisible nature of the person (bodymindspirit) and the inseparability of person from environment." -- Dr. Mary Koithan, associate dean, professional and community engagement, from her new article, entitled "Linking the Unitary Paradigm to Policy through a Synthesis of Caring Science and Integrative Nursing" in the July 2017 edition of Nursing Science Quarterly.

Featuring an introduction by Dr. Pamela Reed, the article examines the ways the principles of integrative nursing and caring science align with the unitary paradigm in a way that can inform and shape nursing knowledge, patient care delivery across populations and settings and new healthcare policy.

Read the full article here.