Janice D. Crist, PhD, RN, FNGNA, FAAN

Janice D. Crist, PhD, RN, FNGNA, FAAN
Associate Professor
College of Nursing
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Research and Clinical:

Research and Clinical Interest: 
Mexican American elders' use of community health services; family caregiving; community partnerships and community-based participatory research (CBPR); aging; vulnerable populations; health disparities; cultural competence; gerontological nursing
culturally specific interventions to eliminate health disparities; qualitative research; transcultural nursing research
Clinical Expertise: 

- Community health, public health, and gerontology

- State-level public health nursing consultation: nursing homes and minority healthcare disparities

- Case management for home care/hospices in Texas and the State of Washington

- Teaches transcultural nursing; qualitative and gerontological research methods.




Research & Scholarship: 

Community-based participatory research (CBPR) interventions to eliminate disparities; e.g.: under-use of home health care services by Mexican American elders and their family caregivers

All Funding: 
Funding Source
5/1/09 - 4/1/2012
Test of a Telenovela Intervention to Increase Mexican American Elders' Use of Home Care Services
National Instititute of Nursing Research (R21)
9/1/2004 -8/30/2006
Mexican American Elders' Use of Home Care Services
National Instititute of Nursing Research (R15)
1/15/13 - 4/1/14
Transitional Care for Mexican American Elders
Laurence B Emmons Award
2/1/03 - 1/10/04
Development of the Experiences of Life Scale (Discrimination)
Laurence B Emmons Award
5/1/02 - 12/18/03
Mexican American Elders' and Caregivers' Decision-Making Process Whether to Use Home Care Services: A Grounded Theory Study
The University of Arizona Faculty Small Grant
1/10/02 - 1/10/03
Telenovelas and Cafecitos: Pilot Test
Dean's Research Award
2000 - 2002:
Mexican American Elders' Use of Home Care Services
T-32, College of Nursing, The University of Arizona
post-doctoral PI
1997 - 1999
The Meaning for Elders of Receiving Family Care
Oregon Health Sciences University, School of Nursing, F31
student PI

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Honors and Awards: 
2014: Admitted to Governing Board: Academy Services Corporation, affecting policy for a wellness center, home health program, and assisted living
2013: Fellow: Western Academy of Nursing
2013: WIN-Hartford Regional Nursing Research Award for an Experienced Researcher
2010: Fellow: American Academy of Nursing.
2009: Fellow: National Gerontological Nurses Association
2008: STTI, Beta Mu Chapter, dissemination travel funds to co-present at the Western Institutes of Nursing (WIN) Annual Research Assembly, Anaheim, CA
2007: LULAC Community Service Award
2006: Suzanne Van Ort Peer Award for Graduate Teaching
2002-2003: Dean's Scholar's Program, College of Nursing University of Arizona
2002: Exploratory Center of Injury Mechanisms and Related Responses, University of Arizona, College of Nursing, accepted for membership
2002: Sigma Theta Tau International Beta Mu Chapter Knowledge Dissemination Award to present a paper at the Arizona STTI Research Consortium April, Phoenix
2001-2007: Friends of National Institute of Nursing's annual NightinGala, September or October, 2002-2007, supported to attend by the Dean of the College of Nursing
2001: University of Arizona International Affairs Foreign Travel Grant awarded to present a paper at the 17th World Congress of the International Association of Gerontology, July 2001.
2001: University of Arizona Women in Science and Engineering Program travel stipend awarded to present a paper at the 34th Annual Communicating Nursing Research Conference in Seattle, WA, April 2001
2000: Friends of National Institute of Nursing's annual NightinGala, September 2000, selected as post-doctoral scholar to attend by the Dean of the College of Nursing.
1992-1998: Clinical Specialist in Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification, American Nurses Association
Institution/LocationDegreeAttendedField of Study
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
Vulnerable Populations
Oregon Health and Sciences University, Portland, Oregon
Gerontological Nursing
University of California - San Francisco
Long-Term and Community Health Care
Texas Christian University