Helena Morrison, PhD, RN

Helena Morrison, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor
College of Nursing
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2002-2002                   Nurse (LVN), Val Verde Regional Medical Center, Del Rio, TX

2003-2006                   Nurse (RN), Saint Joseph’s Hospital, Tucson, AZ 

Research & Scholarship: 

Pre-clinical stroke research to understand: 1) the role of sex differences and menopause in neuro-inflammatory mechanisms of brain injury during ischemic stroke and reperfusion, and 2) the effect of co-morbid conditions preceding stroke, such as hypertension, to alter neuro-inflammatory responses and the evolution of brain injury after ischemic stroke. 


All Funding: 
Funding Source
Astrocyte-Microglia communication and function in response to ischemic stroke
NINR F32 NR013611
Morrison (PI) Filosa (Sponsor)
Microglia: a study of brain immune cell form and function after ischemic stroke and reperfusion
Sigma Theta Tau Beta Omicron Chapter Research Grant
The Contribution of Inflammation to Brain Injury after Stroke
NINR F31 NR010658
Morrison (PI) Ritter (Sponsor)

Morrison, H. & Filosa, J. (2016) Sex differences in astrocyte and microglia responses immediately following middle cerebral artery occlusion in adult mice. Neuroscience (339):85-99        

Filosa, J. A., Morrison, H., Iddings, J. A., Du, W., & Kim, K. J. (2015). Beyond neurovascular coupling, role of astrocytes in the regulation of vascular tone. Neuroscience. 3(323):96-109.

Morrison, H. and Filosa, J. A spatiotemporal quantitative analysis of microglia morphology during ischemic stroke and reperfusion. Journal of Neuroinflammation. 2013 10(1):4, PMID: 23311642. Highly Accessed Article

Morrison, H., Frye, J., Davis-Gorman, G., Funk, J., McDonagh, P., Stahl, G., & Ritter, L. The contribution of mannose binding lectin to reperfusion injury after ischemic stroke. Current Neurovascular Research, 2011, 8, 52-63, PMID: 21208161.

Ritter, L., Davis-Gorman, G., Davidson, L., Morrison, H., Beischel-Frye, J., Cohen, Z., McDonagh, P., & Funk, J.  Exaggerated neutrophil-mediated reperfusion injury after ischemic stroke in a rodent model of type 2 diabetes. Microcirculation, 2011, PMID: 21699626

Morrison, H., McKee, D., & Ritter, L. Systemic neutrophil activation in a mouse model of ischemic stroke and reperfusion. Biological Research for Nursing, 2011, 13, 154-163, PMID: 21044968.

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Institution/LocationDegreeAttendedField of Study
University of Arizona
Graduated 2010
Angelo State University
Graduated 2004
University of California Davis, Davis CA
Graduated 1997
Animal Science