2017-2018 Fellows

Theresa Allison, DNP, RN, FNP-C
Clinical Assistant Professor, UA College of Nursing


I Teach: Advanced Health Assessment, Introduction to Primary Care, Advanced Primary Care. I am also a clinical supervising faculty.


My Goals: I hope to gain a better understanding of the modalities of integrative nursing in order to be able to assist students to learn and implement those methods into practice.

Beverly Bias, MS, RNC
Lecturer, UA College of Nursing


I Teach: Nursing Leadership and Management in Health Systems, Transition to the Professional Nursing Role, Maternal - Newborn Clinical.

My Goals: I am eager to increase my knowledge by achieving certification in neonatal massage and touch. I want to utilize the tools gained to incorporate integrative health principles into my nursing courses as well as my personal life. 

Angela Brown, DNP, FNP-BC, ANP-BC, CDE, RN

Clinical Assistant Professor, UA College of Nursing


I Teach: Primary Care, Advanced Primary Care, Health Assessment, Issues in Gerontological Health.


My Goals: I hope to gain insight into the utilization of integrative techniques with patients to improve health outcomes and improve self-care utilizing integrative methods.  

Marlene Call, PhD, MPH, BSN, RN
Instructor, Augusta University


I Teach: Graduate and undergraduate prelicensure programs, Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Introduction to Research course, BSN and Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) Maternal Child course, simulation teaching and practicum.

My Goals: I want to learn more about caring science and how to bring it into the curriculum. I believe bringing “caring” and “compassion” into a curriculum with a strong evidence-based foundation can produce strong, competent, compassionate nurses.

Timothy Cunningham, RN, DrPH
Assistant Professor, University of Virginia


I Teach: A pediatric clinical group, Epidemiology and capstone development for masters students in our Clinical Nurse Leader program.


My Goals: To encourage other faculty to incorporate brief mindfulness-based or self-care practices into the beginning of each class.

Patricia Daly, PhD, FNP-BC, ENP-BC
Clinical Assistant Professor, UA College of Nursing


I Teach: As a clinical supervising faculty, I teach suturing, incision and drainage and splinting during Resident Intensive Summer Experience (RISE) and Clinical Skills Intensive (CSI). I also guest lecture for courses that include Business Plans and Mindful Eating. 

My Goals: I hope to gain the framework and language to better explain the integrative nursing I use in my Nurse Practitioner (NP) role. I want to emphasize the importance of integrative nursing in the emergency practice.

Regina DeGennaro, DNP, CNS, RN, AOCN, CNL
Associate Professor, Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist, University of Virginia


I Teach: Introduction to Resilience, Oncology and End of Life Nursing, Mindfulness Retreats in the Compassionate Care Initiative, MSN-CNL Program, Leadership Introductory Course DNP Program, DNP Seminar and Practicum.

My Goals: I hope to enhance creativity in the classroom by engaging students in contemplative practices that might be an invitation to developing sustainable self-care practices.

Shena Gazaway, PhD, MSN, RN
Assistant BSN Program Director, Augusta University


I Teach: Introduction to Nursing Practice, Transition to Nursing Practice, Population Health, Health Assessment, Integrated Pathophysiology and Pharmacology.

My Goals: My ultimate goal is to improve the self-health and resilience of the students I touch so they can do the same for those they care for throughout their career.

S. Renee Gregg, DNP, FNP-C 
Clinical Assistant Professor, UA College of Nursing


I Teach: Primary Care of Adult, Advanced Primary Care, Practice Inquiry.

My Goals: I am looking forward to personal growth with the different modalities. I am looking forward to this increased understanding of the modalities which will allow increased integrative nursing within my research and courses.

Sharon Hinkley, RN, MSN-Ed 
Clinical Instructor, UA College of Nursing


I Teach: Levels 1-3 of the MEPN program.


My Goals: I hope to learn more about integrative therapies for self-care to be a better person, thus a better educator.

Lisa Jaurigue, PhD, RN, CNE
Clinical Assistant Professor, Arizona State University


I Teach: Community Health Nursing Theory, Population Health, Experiential Learning Lab, Professional Attributes, Geriatrics, Leadership and Management.

My Goals: I hope to achieve increased peace, mindfulness and wellness for myself. In doing this, I will be able to share this with others around me, including my nursing students and my clients. I would love to develop community health simulations that incorporate integrative nursing. 


Darlene Lacroix, MS, BSN, RN, ACNP
Co-Chair Lecturer, UA College of Nursing


I Teach: BSN fourth-semester Leadership/Management with Preceptorship course.

My Goals: I hope to increase my knowledge base in integrative nursing to incorporate this with my students and with their patients. Additionally, I want to increase awareness for myself on self-care and overall well-being.

Laura Maurer, MSN-Ed, RNC-OB, FNP-C 
Faculty Instructor, Arizona State University


I Teach: Maternal Child/Family, Fundamentals, Professional Leadership (clinical and online).


My Goals: I want to incorporate integrative nursing into my teaching so it becomes a seamless part of the nursing/healthcare culture. I would also like to normalize integrative principles and modalities to the mainstream healthcare system through my practice as a nurse practitioner and share this knowledge and experience with my students.

Kathryn McNeil, DNP, RN, FNP-C, PMHNP-BC, RN 
Clinical Assistant Professor, UA College of Nursing


I Teach: Advanced Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing III: Focus on Child and Adolescent. I also provide clinical supervision of NP students.

My Goals: I hope to achieve an ability to improve care for myself so that I can model that behavior for my students, which in the long-run would increase resilience in the health care work force of nurse practitioners.

Rebecca Nagle, MS, PNP, IBCLC 
Clinical Faculty, University of Vermont


I Teach: Pediatric Concepts and Pediatric Primary Care, Nursing Care of Infants, Children and Adolescents.

My Goals: I would like to weave integrative nursing into my classroom but also to make curriculum changes at University of Vermont School of Nursing. I plan to integrate this learning into my own practice as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. 

Angela Norton 
Clinical Instructor, UA College of Nursing


I Teach: I teach in the Master’s Entry Program to Nursing (MEPN). I am course chair for Level 1 and Level 2 but assist in Levels 3 and 4.

My Goals: My goals are to learn how to further introduce and incorporate integrative nursing into our current curriculum. I hope to promote self-care and wellness into our nursing students in these early stages so they can be successful lifelong practitioners. I also would like to work on my own self-care.


Linda Perez, M Admin, RNC
Clinical Instructor, UA College of Nursing


I Teach: Foundations of Care, RN-MS online


My Goals: I hope to apply what I have learned about integrative nursing to help myself become more in line with mind, body and spirit. I also then hope to teach the 6 principles of integrative nursing to my students and have them also look at how they can help themselves and then apply it to patients.


Barbara Rouleau, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC
Clinical Instructor, University of Vermont


I Teach: Graduate Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program for Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) and Adult Nurse Practitioner (ANP), Health Assessment, Optimizing Health, Leadership.

My Goals: I’d like to develop a better understanding of the evidence behind integrative modalities and gain the confidence to incorporate the modalities into the Optimizing Health course.  

Robyn Schlabach, DNP, MBA, RN, CNE
Clinical Instructor, UA College of Nursing


I Teach: I teach across all levels of MEPN on the Phoenix campus.

My Goals: I want to learn ideas and skills to better care for my health, be able to be a role model those for my students, and share with the students the integrative nursing practices they can incorporate into their practice.

Judith Stanley, DHSc., RN, CNE
Director of RN to BSN Completion Program, Mercyhurst University


I Teach: Professional Advancement, The Experience of Chronic Illness, Nursing in the Community, Leadership in Nursing, Research & Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing.


My Goals: I would like to receive grant funding to develop a MSN program with a focus on nursing leadership or integrative health. In addition, I hope to start up a biofeedback clinic for Resiliency Training of new and current Registered Nurses who are enrolled at Mercyhurst and/or who are employed at an area hospital. 

Morgan Stock, BSN, MDN-Ed
RN and LPN Nurse Refresher Coordinator and Instructor, Pima Community College


I Teach: RN and LPN nurse refresher courses, clinical behavioral health course for RN students.

My Goals: I'm on the board for our local Sigma Theta Tau chapter (Beta Mu), and work with many educators who are interested in integrative health care, and looking for ideas/inspiration to incorporate into their curricula. I will be sharing what I learn throughout my INFF experience with my peers at Beta Mu.

Erica Timko-Olson, RN
Instructor, University of Pennsylvania


I Teach: Situating the Practice of Nursing, Community Nursing, Leadership in Complex Systems


My Goals: I hope to expand my understanding of integrative health and learn how to incorporate my knowledge into my practice as a nurse educator and into the nursing curriculum.

Leigh Ann Tovar, MSN-Ed, MAOM
Assistant Professor, Grand Canyon University


I Teach: I teach in the pre-licensure program. I also teach Health Assessment, Nursing Foundations, Pharmacology and Therapeutic Communications. Additionally, I teach in the RN-BSN program.

My Goals: I would like to be able to create a course into our nursing curriculum titled Integrative Therapies. I also want to be able to use the techniques I am learning to help myself and others obtain a healthier lifestyle using aromatherapy and acupressure.