Community Cancer Connections

Community Cancer Connections, a community partnership led by staff in the Office of Community and Professional Engagement, offers a variety of resources for people affected by cancer. Our growing body of resources place particular emphasis on integrative oncology, survivorship and healing mind, body and spirit. 

The following index offers streamlined access to vetted resources for survivors, families and health-care professionals. By curating these resources, the Community Cancer Connections team aims to promote health and wellbeing in the lives of those touched by cancer.

We're currently updating the Community Cancer Connections website to bring you the latest in comprehensive cancer care information, including providers, resources and services. If you have questions or resource referral needs, please contact Michael Principe at 520-626-6151 or

Learn about Survivorship

  • Decision Guides—Learn about the evidence supporting the use of various integrative therapy modalities by people affected by cancer. These decision guides will help you choose appropriate therapies that can address your issues and symptoms.
  • Education—Expand your understanding about conventional cancer treatments, complementary therapies, healthy lifestyle habits and their intersections.
    • Professional Education—Designed for health-care providers
    • Survivor and Caregiver Education—Designed for the public
  • Integrative Oncology Overview— Familiarize yourself with essential information about combining conventional cancer treatments, complementary therapies, and lifestyle counseling to improve the health and wellbeing.
    • Integrative Oncology Glossary—Understand key terms, ideas, and practices of integrative oncology.
  • News—Read about the latest developments in cancer treatment, survivorship, and integrative oncology research.
  • Research Studies—Review essential information about the purpose, design, and participation in research studies.
  • Smart Survivors Guide—Explore the meaning of survivorship, survivorship planning best practices, and survivor community communication forums.

Take Action to Enhance Wellbeing

  • Classes—Search for a variety of integrative therapy and educational classes appropriate for cancer survivors.
  • Community Resource Directory—Discover local, national, and international resources that aid in all aspects of survivorship during and after a cancer diagnoses.
  • Counseling Services—Find a reliable counselor who has experience meeting particular needs of the survivor community.
    • Counselor Directory—Links to individual counselors
    • Counseling Agency Directory—Links to counseling programs and agencies
  • Integrative Therapy Providers—Find contact and business information for credible integrative therapists practicing modalities recognized by Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
  • Research Studies Directory—Investigate research studies for which you may qualify.
  • Support Groups—Locate cancer support groups in your area.

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