Barbara B. Brewer, PhD, RN, MALS, MBA, FAAN

Barbara B. Brewer, PhD, RN, MALS, MBA, FAAN
Associate Professor
Nursing (#203)
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Research and Clinical:

Research and Clinical Interest: 
Acute Care Quality and Safety,
Dynamic Social Network Analysis,
Professional Practice Environments, and
Human Caring Theory
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Funding Source
5/31/2013 - 5/30/2017
Measuring Network Stability and Fit
National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIH)
9/14/2010 - 9/13/2015
International Watson Caritas Comparative Database
Watson Caring Science Institute
9/30/2007 - 9/29/2012
DyNADS: A Dynamic Network Analysis Decision Support Tool for Nurse Managers
National Library of Medicine

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Honors and Awards: 
Fellow American Academy of Nursing
Institution/LocationDegreeAttendedField of Study
The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
Clinical Nursing Research, Nursing Systems, Informatics
Columbia University, New York, NY
Yale University, New Haven, CT
Medical Surgical Nursing, Cardiovascular Clinical Nurse Specialist
Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT
University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI