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The University of Arizona -College of Nursing
University of Arizona -College of Nursing -Global Connections

Global Connections

At the University of Arizona College of Nursing, we’re rapidly forging a variety of global connections. Graduates of our program now teach in Colleges of Nursing around the world, which increases the possibilities for students to conduct research at a site nearer their homes. In addition, we have established formal partnerships with the Department and School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand and with Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon; Monterrey, N.L. Mexico. Both Mahidol and Chiang Mai University have existing doctoral programs with well-established research programs which can support faculty-student, student-student and faculty-faculty interactions. The Universidad Autonoma de Neuvo Leon has a masters’ program, as well as considerable experience in distributed education, with access to a 22-country consortium of electronically-linked universities.


Opportunities for International